Why am i fat

10 tips on how you are guaranteed to ruin your fitness.

“Mark, I've gotten too fat!” A friend recently said. "What can I do?"

If you want to lose weight, build muscle and be satisfied with yourself, you've come to the right place.

But today we're going to turn the tables.

The first two to three sentences in fitness coaching are usually enough for me to recognize what your topic is. Mindset, motivation and attitude form the foundation for your success: Your thoughts create your reality.

Sometimes a new perspective helps. I'll show you how to do it Not goes.

The 10 best ways you can really fail and ruin your fitness further. If you've always wanted to say, "I've gotten fat." 😉

"I got fat?" 10 tips on how to ruin your fitness

1. Compare yourself to others.

Look for people in your environment who - in terms of size, stature, weight, disposition - are as different as possible from you. It doesn't matter whether your body works completely differently from yours, whether they eat differently or train differently.

Find these people and talk to them right away: "You won the gene lottery and I just can't lose weight, it's not my fault."

The next thing you look for is people who really are unhappy, unfit and fat. Then pat yourself on the shoulder and say, "Oh, that's enough. Actually, I don't need to do anything. "

2. Pick out really caustic exercises.

We all know: Training only counts when you really suffer, it's not fun at all and that's why you start to hate yourself and your life.

So pick the hottest workout exercises you can imagine. I recommend 3 hours of cardio training on the treadmill in a sweaty gym.

Every day.

It is best to combine this with a really blatant diet so that you are completely drained and in a bad mood. Or better yet, just pick a super unhealthy crash diet. You say to yourself "I didn't deserve it any other way!"

And then you wonder why you don't lose weight.

3. Follow every new trend blindly.

Don't eat fat. Avoid foods high in cholesterol. Eat as much whole grains as possible, preferably all day.

Ignore “boring” diets where you eat natural foods like the Paleo principle.

Oh, and buy yourself “healthy” microwave meals that taste like cheese feet - these are best.

4. Change your training plan as often as possible.

Don't stick to an exercise plan for 6-12 weeks - or longer if it works.

Remember to panic after 2 weeks at the latest if you shouldn't make any drastic progress! Then look for another training plan that even does still promises better results.

The faster you lapse into blind actionism, the faster you can pull the next plan out of your pocket!

5. Focus on combating symptoms rather than researching the causes.

Why should you waste valuable time and energy trying to find out why you are unfit - that makes unnecessary effort.

Doesn't work at all, I know!

So just take a fat burner that promises you heaven without you having to do anything.

Or - if your blood pressure is too high: There are very good antihypertensive drugs in the pharmacy, take them.

Find a way to cleverly combine these pills with your sleeping pills and caffeine pills. If you have a little too much fat on your ribs, treat yourself to a stomach reduction operation or simply have the fat sucked off instead of acquiring better habits and learning how to eat healthily.

Why should you, when instead you can just pick up a few thousand euros and really ruin your body. The money goes into the economy, that's a classic win-win!

If you disregard yourself and your internal organs ...

6. Go the path of least resistance.

Nobody feels like doing something for it to doto get fit.

That could take months - or even Years, and who has that much time?

So you better buy this new brand new food supplement or this chic training equipment from the TeleShop. The bigger the promises the manufacturer makes, the more likely you will be successful.

7. Whine loudly.

Try this: "I just have bad genes!" or "I don't have time!" If that doesn't work, there's always: "I just can't lose weight!" or "I'm sorry, I'm just not as lucky as you are!"

Complain to everyone who listens to you and of course to those who don't listen to you. The more you complain and feel sorry for yourself, the better.

8. Change everything at once.

If you decide to get fit, get up two hours earlier in the morning and change your diet drastic from one day to the next and if you have practically not done any sport up to now, 90 minutes a day is now that absolute minimum!

Make sure you stay that way for two weeks correct throw you off track. If things don't go so well for a day, you just throw everything completely over the heap.

Bonus points are awarded if you then use all the rules of the art to finish yourself so that you “just can't manage to get fit” even though you wanted to change 10,000 things at once.

9. Stay vague.

Set goals that are as nebulous as possible. "I should do something for my fitness!" is actually a pretty good start. “I should exercise more” or “I should lose weight” is even better!

Keep it as vague and as possible miss Definitely not your progress!

Just don't get the idea to plan specific training times in your everyday life or to tell you something like "By December 31st of this year I only have 12% body fat."

These goals are way too specific, and imagine if you managed to achieve them in the end!

That really doesn't work, right?

10. Give up.

If things are going differently than you'd like, just don't get the idea of ​​finding out why, then adjusting something and sticking to it.

No, that would be something for people who have it ...

Better give up!

If you get on the scales this week and are a few pounds heavier than last time, don't change anything in your diet and treat yourself to that extra beer in the evening - throw the gun in the grain and give up. Giving up is so much easier than changing something, drawing up big goals and dreams, sticking with it and then going through with it.

Stop whining and carry on?


Give up!

So you never have to say: "I've gotten too fat!"

Okay, right now. Are you ready?

Ready. Steady. Go!

And then look for new, even bigger goals - to become even better.

It's easy to be unsuccessful. It's easy not to stick with it. And it can be just as easy to get a little better every day.

It's a bit more fun - and at some point you won't have to say, "I've gotten fat."

What else would you add to the list? Write a comment.

Photo: BWCK Gallery, hsuanwei / Flickr.

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