How big are blue whales

The blue whale ...

... is the largest and heaviest animal!
It is approximately up to 33 meters in length as long as three double-decker buses in a row.
And it weighs between 100 and 190 tons - that's as much as 45 elephants, 225 cows or 2,500 people! The tongue alone is as heavy as an elephant and so big that it would fit an entire football team. The heart is the size of a small car and pumps up to 10,000 liters of blood throughout the body. Some of its blood vessels are so thick that a child could swim through them.

... has the greatest appetite!
The largest sea creature feeds almost exclusively on the smallest - the krill. The blue whale sifts this floating food out of the water with 300-400 large brush-like strips, the so-called beards. The whale's stomach can almost 2 tons of food take up, that's as much as two cars weigh.

... is pretty thirsty!
A newborn calf measures approximately 7 meters at birth and weighs over 2 tons. It drinks about 230 liters of breast milk per day - this consists of about 50% fat, so that the calf gains up to 4 kg per hour. When the calf is weaned at 7–8 weeks, it weighs approximately 23 tons.

... has a giant blow!
Blue whales can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes and dive to over 150 meters deep. When a blue whale exhales, it can release up to a 10 meter high water fountainarise. Incidentally, he could also do it with his breath Fill 2000 balloons at the same time.

... is incredibly loud!
They are not only the largest but also the loudest animals in the animal kingdom. Their calls reach up to 188 decibels, which is even lmore auther than a jet jet (140 db). They produce very deep sounds that can be heard under water over very long distances. But they are barely audible to humans (without technical devices), only perceptible as a deep hum.