How much does an average yacht cost

Superyachts in Mallorca - how much does it cost to have fun?

If you walk along the promenade of Paseo Marítimo and look at the many large yachts in the harbor, you can ask yourself the question: What does a ship like this actually cost in the harbor?

Darius Wozniak (53) operates the Marina Roda de Bara sports port, 35 minutes by car from Barcelona, ​​with 640 berths. But he also arranges places for yachts in other ports around the world, including Mallorca. “As far as daytime berths are concerned, Mallorca is one of the most expensive locations in the world,” he says. “If you stay overnight with a 24-meter yacht, you pay a good 700 euros in Puerto Portals and 300 to 400 euros in Palma Sóller 490 euros. On the island of Caprera off Sardinia, a night costs 200 euros, in Monaco 270 euros and in Saint-Tropez 240 euros. "

But the annual berths are also tough. A place for a 55 meter long superyacht costs around 340,000 euros a year in the port of Palma. A 38-meter yacht in Puerto Portals is there for 161,762 euros, 16 meters in Port Adriano is available for 35,571 euros. "That sounds like a lot of money at first glance," says Wozniak. "But if you are honest, then these are peanuts for people who can afford ships of this size."

The most expensive thing, besides the acquisition costs, is the crew. On the ships of the super-rich, the crew usually stays on board all year round. “You never know when the owner will need his ship. The regular crew is then increased when going out, with 55-meter yachts that can be up to 20 employees. "A captain earns up to 110,000 euros a year on a 30-meter yacht. 55-meter yachts and larger are possible Starting at 200,000 euros. A first officer earns an annual salary of 80,000 euros. A sailor 44,000 euros, the cook 75,000 euros and a stewardess 65,000 euros. "The question arises as to why you went to university at all," jokes Wozniak.

It also gets expensive when the yacht goes into dry dock over winter. “Everything on the ships always has to look tip-top.” A three-month stay in the shipyard without work and housing costs 138,000 euros - without taxes. Then it starts: Housing costs 90,000 euros, preparation for painting 90,000 euros, painting 500,000 to to a million - it depends on the paint. "In addition, there is engine service, antifouling and a generator check, which quickly costs two million euros." The captain of a superyacht usually has a million euros available for everyday repairs. “You can easily spend a million euros on a dinghy. It's best not to start with the helicopter. "

Driving out also has its price. Depending on the ship, a yacht can use 1,500 liters of diesel per hour at 25 knots. "Once you fill up, it costs 20,000 euros," says Wozniak.