How do you cheat on a DNA test

Do you have the premonition: "My husband is cheating on me" or "My wife is cheating on me"? The Leutz Forensic Department clarifies this with a test. Contact under: 0800-2207718 or 0160-1527605 Mail: [email protected]

In the case of large lane carriers such as car seats, sofas and bed surrounds, etc., the traces are secured on site. This happens in an appointment with you and very discreetly!

If you have found strange traces in the form of applications on textile surfaces and the question of sexual fidelity arises, you need to be certain. Read this page carefully, we will be happy to help you. All you have to do is keep the trace carrier (it is best to put it in a paper bag, write down your suspicions and a slip of paper with your details (address and telephone number), put everything in a package and bring it to the post office. You then send the package to

Forensics Leutz

Uhlandstrasse 14

59846 Sundern.

Then call the toll-free number 0800-2207718 and let us know. Then transfer the fixed amount for your analysis to our business account. You will then receive your result within a day via the agreed channel.

Sperm traces are relevant traces in the context of criminology as well as the work of our detective agency. They belong to the secretion traces. We investigate these traces related to adultery and sexual infidelity in the relationship. We are rarely obliged to investigate sexual offenses. In the course of possible false accusations within blended families, however, we also take action in this regard.

These sperm traces can often be found on textile surfaces. Due to the high protein content of the sperm, they adhere relatively strongly. The essential detection aid in terms of a chemical pre-test procedure is the "acid phosphatase test". Prostate-specific antigen detection (PSA test) is also carried out. However, only the microscopic examination counts as evidence in court. As a rule, our clients only keep items of clothing that are clearly whitish to yellowish for the purpose of analysis. We take samples from the track carrier at different points without using up the entire track completely, so later investigations are still possible. The samples are prepared accordingly and stained using the hematoxylin-eosin method. Under the microscope, vaginal epithelial cells are then stained reddish, while the sperm heads have a blue-violet staining with a pale pole. For example, if we find both parts of the cell, it must be assumed that sexual acts have taken place. By the way, older traces no longer show any tails on the sperm, the special shape of the sperm is used as evidence here. As material evidence for our clients, we document the findings through digital photography of the specimens.

For the specific detection of vaginal epithelial cells on textile trace carriers (if there is a suspicion of infidelity), evidence of glycogen-containing cells is used. Here we work with the Lugol solution.

Another relevant secretion trace is the application of saliva. Our laboratory is able to detect saliva using the amylase test. As further DNA-specific examinations cannot be carried out by us, an assignment is not possible for us. The same applies to the examination of skin epithelial cells on tools or victims' clothing. We can only examine the cell status microscopically and assess how many nucleated epithelial cells have been preserved. DNS typing strategy is carried out by our partner laboratory.

Another important biological track is hair. Here, too, we cannot do any DNS typing, this is done in the partner laboratory. Your advantage: the lower surcharge. We are able to answer the questions put to us as a detective agency by means of microscopic examination. In the morphological examination, we clarify the question of whether it is human or animal hair by comparing the medullary cords. These are much less pronounced in human hair than in animal hair. In addition, we can clarify whether the hair seized by the client is to be classified as pubic hair (to prove sexual infidelity).

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then it always makes sense to confront the partner about it in a conversation, and in most cases it will result in an argument. It will certainly not stay that way if the assumption cannot be completely eradicated. What can you do to be certain about the issue of cheating? Simply record such a dispute with an MP3 player or your mobile phone. Make sure you let your partner speak and not interrupt them. Make sure that the radio or television are switched off during the argument. Send the recording of the conversation to the Leutz Forensic Center for evaluation of the lies and truth of the statements. We have the Israeli lie detector LVA 6.5. The system is modular and one of the modules is the offline wizard. In a depth psychological evaluation, the LVA examines the entire voice frequency range over more than 150 parameters and analyzes the various types of stress in the form of emotions, logic, willingness to tell, lying stress, truth stress, thinking intensity. These symptoms are analyzed for each statement and placed in the context of the credibility of the statement. Every statement appears in the LVA report to be true or a lie. This gives you certainty whether your partner is loyal or unfaithful. In addition, the LVA uses all the lying patterns that have been discovered by specialist psychologists in this analysis. Such an analysis is 99% certain.

The goal-oriented observation of a person is the observation of all actions of the target person, coordinated according to goal, time and place. This always comes into question if you are of the opinion that your partner will be unfaithful during this critical period because the conditions are favorable. If your partner goes on a business trip, goes to a seminar or meeting and has the opportunity to meet with a third person, this suspicion can be documented in a targeted manner by an observation team. This is also the case if, for example, the partner is going to a cure or rehab, etc. for a longer period of time. Through this targeted observation, the cost framework is easy to understand and the chances of success are greatest. This measure is billed by us at a fixed price.

The sporadic observation is a recurring observation on suspicion by the client, without having any concrete clues. It is less promising because it is unclear at all whether the person will act at the time of observation. Therefore, such a measure is rather expensive. In consultation with the client, we will definitely set a limit here, which must not be exceeded through the observation.

The procedure of such a lie detector test as evidence of loyalty or infidelity is described on lie detector test 800. Please read this page again. If you think that anyone who agrees to a polygraph test has nothing to fear and will probably be loyal, we counter: "... hope always dies last ...". From the experience of forensics Leutz it can be deduced that almost everyone agrees to a polygraph test if they are confronted with it by their partner. The client began to have doubts, and a test was not carried out for the time being. Then the attrition begins again, there are again disputes between the parties, irregularities which the injured party cannot explain, etc. Again a polygraph test is required, again the consent - and so it comes to the game of cat and mouse. Until finally, under "voluntary compulsion", the appointment for a lie detector test is completed as the last measure of renewed confidence building. And many an unfaithful person was still sitting on the chair by the lie detector, hoping not to be exposed. So the first consent to the test is not proof for a long time. As a client, you will only receive it as a possibly betrayed person with the evaluation of the lie detector test.