How far is New Zealand from Australia?

Flight time (flight duration) to Auckland - New Zealand

The flight time (flight duration) from Frankfurt / Main to Auckland in New Zealand is just under 24 hours at a stopover. During this time, over 18,000 flight kilometers are covered!

If you choose a different airport when departing from Germany, you have to expect a different flight time - as with many long-haul flights.


In Auckland New Zealand's most important airport is located on the North Island. The city of Auckland itself is in a picturesque location on various sea bays and has numerous parks with subtropical vegetation. In addition, the visitor experiences a great cultural diversity of diverse population groups from many parts of the world.

Auckland Airport is located about 20 kilometers south of the city center and has the IATA code AKL. From here, onward flights to numerous destinations in Australia and Oceania are possible.

Other international airports in New Zealand

  • Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is located on the southern tip of the North Island. Your airport (IATA code WLG) records around six million passengers annually, mainly from Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.
  • Christchurch Airport (code CHC) is roughly the same size. In contrast to Auckland and Wellington, it is located on the South Island.
  • Queenstown Airport (code ZQN) is characterized by a special location - on the edge of the New Zealand Alps. These high mountains extend over the entire west of the South Island and form an exciting counterpoint to the tropical vegetation of the north.
  • The small Dunedin Airport (code DUD) is located in the far south of the South Island and mainly serves as a regional airport. Occasionally it is used as a weather-related fallback destination for Queenstown.