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Mathematician career prospects
Very good job prospects for mathematicians

Industry development: practically full employment for mathematicians

Unemployment? This word rarely occurs in the professional reality of mathematicians. According to figures from the Federal Employment Agency (BA), around 100,000 of them were employed in Germany in 2017. That is a third more than ten years earlier. And in 2018 the authority recorded an average of just 700 unemployed mathematicians, a decrease of seven percent compared to 2017. The bottom line is an unemployment rate of 2.4 percent. That is very little: from a value of three percent, there is officially full employment.

It cannot be taken for granted that mathematicians have such good career prospects. After all, there are very many of them. In the 2018 summer semester, almost 70,000 students were enrolled in mathematics at German universities, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office. In their typical occupational fields, however, there are relatively few positions that are specially tailored to them and their training. Nevertheless, they have good cards when it comes to applications.

This is due to the skills they acquired during their studies. This includes your analytical skills and a structured approach to complex problems. These and similar qualifications can now be used universally - i.e. also apart from activities that are strictly mathematically dominated - and are therefore in great demand. That won't change for the foreseeable future either.

This is ensured, among other things, by the baby boomers who switch from active working life to retirement. This is how they make their posts vacant for many young professionals. According to the Federal Employment Agency, the demand for scientists and academics will generally increase by 2035. And thus also for mathematicians.

Career prospects after studying mathematics

So mathematicians have good job prospects. But the job market not only offers them numerous, but also very different opportunities. You can find accommodation in many areas. In addition to academic research and teaching, they can often be found in industry and business. According to the BA, this applies above all to:

The generation change described above will create new jobs across the board. Mathematicians should not rely on this alone, however. Because the many vacancies to be expected are likely to be offset by even more graduates looking for jobs. That means: there will be more offspring than there will be staffing needs.

In order to prepare for the increased competition, prospective mathematicians can already rely on a specialization during their studies. The opportunity to focus on your own content usually arises from the second or third Bachelor year at the university. This opportunity should be used cleverly.

In companies, double qualifications such as mathematics / marketing, mathematics / IT or mathematics / logistics are also in great demand. What the students focus on naturally also depends on their own interests - and on the location of the university. Because everyone sets their own accents in teaching.

Many professional fields for mathematicians

Mathematicians are almost completely free to choose a career. Depending on the desired area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, you can expect certain tasks and challenges. Here is a brief overview of four selected occupational fields and some of their characteristics.