What minerals are in a pebble


Definition pebble

The term pebble has two meanings:

  • Geology understands pebbles to be stones, whose Grain size 2 to 63 mm with a more precise distinction between fine (2.0 to 6.3 mm), medium (6.3 to 20.0 mm) and coarse gravel (20 to 63 mm) is possible.
  • In common parlance, however, pebbles are diverse on the edges rounded minerals containing silicon dioxide or silicate rocks meant. Until a few years ago Silicon dioxide - the building block of silicates and corresponding rocks - Silica called.

In addition to quartz, the best-known pebbles also include sandstones, flint stones and quartzite - rocks and minerals whose chemical composition contains silicon dioxide.

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The colors of pebbles

Pebbles can have different colors - depending on the composition of the mineral or the mineral composition of a rock.
Pebbles in the geological sense, where a pebble is defined based on the grain size of a stone, can consist of a wide variety of rocks, including, for example, basalt, porphyry, quartzite, sandstone, flint, marble, granite or gabbro.
The color of pebbles is correspondingly diverse: white (marble pebbles), gray (granite pebbles), black (basalt pebbles) or pinkish, blue-gray, beige, yellow or red-brown.

Use of pebbles

Pebbles are used in many places and for different purposes.
In the hydroponics of potted plants, potting soil is completely dispensed with. Instead you will get one stone granules served, which can consist of pebbles.
But pebbles are also used in the garden or on the balcony, be it for Decoration in the flower box or bed, in the rock garden, designed into a mosaic or as the main component of a Japanese garden.
Due to the fact that pebbles placed close together reduce or prevent the growth of weeds, pebbles are also used as a border around the house on the base.
You can also see that in many gardens or on land Driveways with pebbles are designed with patios or sidewalks Exposed aggregate concrete slabs were paved in which pebbles were cemented.
Pebbles are also very popular in the design of Aquariums, insofar as larger and smaller pebbles in the aquarium give the impression of a natural environment like in the sea.
But pebbles can also be interesting for children, as the rounded small stones can be imaginatively painted or varnished.

There is a large selection of pebbles that can be bought in hardware stores or specialist stone shops. Both single-colored pebbles as well as colored or multi-colored mixtures are offered, whereby the price can vary from stone to stone.

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Last updated: April 15, 2019

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