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20 Indian soldiers dead after confrontation with Chinese soldiers

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New Delhi / Beijing - After an armed clash between troops on the disputed border between China and India, at least 20 Indian soldiers are dead. 17 of them died after being seriously wounded in the incident on Monday night and temperatures below zero and below zero were exposed to great heights, as an Indian army spokesman announced on Tuesday evening.

The escalation occurred in Galwan in the state of Ladakh. Tensions have increased for weeks between the two nuclear powers with the largest populations in the world. China and India fought a brief war over their Himalayan border in 1962, which China won. Since then, there have been repeated incidents, but most of them went without victims and could be resolved through discussions. For several weeks, thousands of soldiers from both armies have been facing each other along the border, which has still not been clarified. There have recently been several injuries after fist fights and stone throwing.

There are also Chinese victims to complain about

China has not yet confirmed the death reports. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday that India crossed the "illegal activity" line twice on Monday, resulting in "serious physical conflict". Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the state-controlled "Global Times", posted on Twitter that there were also victims on the Chinese side.

First deaths since 1975

According to the Indian army, high-ranking army representatives are currently meeting in Galwan to defuse the situation. According to the Indian media, no shot was fired in the incident, the soldiers from both countries are said to have attacked each other with stones and the like.

There have been no exchanges of fire along the border since 1975, and no soldier has been killed since then. Various agreements between Beijing and New Delhi are intended to prevent escalations.

The spokesman for the opposition Congress Party, Randeep Surjewala, called the incident "shocking" and "unacceptable" in a tweet.

Controversial limit as the cause

Almost two weeks ago, the two countries agreed on the current de-escalation process after soldiers faced each other at various points on the border. According to the Indian media, Chinese soldiers had penetrated Indian territory in the eastern Himalayas in Sikkim and in the western Himalayas near Lake Pangong, Demchok and Galwan. China denied, pointing out that India had built infrastructure on Chinese territory. The core of the problem is the 3,500-kilometer-long common border, about which there are different opinions at different points. In 1962 a war broke out between the two countries, which India lost.

In recent years, both China and India have increasingly rearmed themselves along the border. In the summer of 2017, there was a "standoff" lasting almost three months on the Doklam plateau near Bhutan, which was resolved peacefully.

Above all, a road that India is building along the border in Galwan is said to be a thorn in the side of the Chinese government. (saw, red, June 16, 2020)