How much do mobile homes cost

Mobile home: manufacturer comparison, prices & regulations

Unlike caravans or vehicles with a housing structure, mobile homes consist of empty and renovated space. Similar to a rented apartment, the interior fittings can have more or less built-in components such as a kitchenette, appliances or built-in furniture. Sanitary facilities have external connections. If you want to buy mobile homes, you can choose between floor areas from twenty to over a hundred square meters.

A basic distinction can be made between mobile homes with their own chassis and those without wheels:


Fully mobile homes

Semi-mobile houses

Mobility:Have their own chassis and can be transported by car like a trailer. A class BE driving license is required for this.Like freight containers, they are usually transported in individual modules with a low-loader. It is set up on site using a crane.
Building permit:No building permit is required if the location is changed regularly.A building permit is required for permanent installation.
Floor space:Max. 30 sqm - results from the road approval regulation. According to this, trailers can be a maximum of 2.55 m wide and 12 m long.Basically, floor plans in all sizes are possible here. In order to still remain transportable, the mobile home is dismantled into individual modules when moving.
Price:From 1,000 euros per square meterFrom 1,500 per square meter

Installation rights and authorization requirements

The decisive criterion for the difference between small and mini houses and a mobile home is the anchoring in the ground. However, this does not exempt owners from obtaining a building permit if they want to live permanently in a winter-proof mobile home. Furthermore, it does not release you from other local requirements such as building regulations with regard to dimensions, appearance and location.

The regulations differ greatly in cities and municipalities. Put simply, something can be allowed in one place that is prohibited in another. Parking space and state building regulations regulate the local requirements and obligations.

Variables related to the approval conditions consist of the following properties and factors:

  • Dedication of the land at the installation site
  • Duration and scope of connection to water, electricity and sewerage
  • Type of use as temporary domicile or permanent residence
  • Mobile home size
  • Attachment and subsurface of the installation site
  • If necessary, nature and water protection laws
  • Attachments and additional structures such as canopies or gardens
  • Fire protection
  • Interpretation of the competent authority regarding building similarity
  • Possible impairment of neighbors and adjacent structures

Form of use and legal situation

In addition to the structure of the building, the type of use of the home plays a major role. It is common to use it as a weekend or holiday home or to live permanently, including the function as a main residence. The first requirement for permanent occupation is winter resistance. The legal status as main or secondary residence leads to different approval conditions in most German municipalities and cities. In many cases, the legal situation with regard to registration and right of residence leads to a hybrid situation. Registration offices must accept the registration regardless of the existing right of residence. The confirmation of registration does not automatically lead to the right of residence.

Campsites and mobile home parks

If you want to buy mobile homes, you can choose between campsites and residential parks as an alternative to setting up independently on private property. Many providers have obtained regional installation permits in advance. In this case, the individual mobile home can simply be set up if it complies with the campsite or residential park ordinance. If you want to buy a mobile home and set it up in such a facility, you should research in advance what conditions are set and what facilities are available. Typical criteria are:

  • Construction material of the mobile home like just wood, metal and plastic
  • Size in terms of base, height and structure
  • Connection capacities of water, electricity and sewerage
  • Permission for registration of residence
  • Application of allotment laws

As providers, regulations and legal status can change, a detailed preliminary research is recommended. Valuable and important information can be found on special forums such as

Plan according to location requirements

Ideally, one or more installation or stand locations should be determined before purchasing or building your own mobile home. Compliance with the specifications and guidelines for the planned type of dwelling allows a reliable planning approach.