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Jeep in the emissions scandal - the off-road professional was also manipulated

Which models of the Jeep brand are exhaust gas manipulated?

As in other automotive groups, newly developed engines are passed on to various sister and subsidiary brands. The same engines can be found in models of the Jeep brand as in manipulated Fiat vehicles. However, in the case of Jeep Engine versions with larger cubic capacity on the list of affected models. Vehicles of the Emission standard Euro 5 and 6.



Years of construction


2.0 Multijet

2014 to 2018


1.6 Multijet

2014 to 2018

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How were Jeep vehicles manipulated in the emissions scandal?

Even at Fiat Chrysler (FCA), to which Jeep also belongs, the Cheat software used to fudge emission levels. The aim of the manipulation was in each case to make the diesel vehicles look cleaner than they actually were on the test bench, where type approval was involved.

Various functions of the engine control software were used for this, which responded to certain conditions, such as fixed tires, and then let the exhaust gas cleaning run at full speed. Also the notorious Thermal window is in the focus, in which the cleaning of the emissions was manipulated depending on the ambient temperature.

However, these trickery was not used in real operation, which is why most of the diesel models of the brands Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo etc. the legally permissible emission limit values ​​fell short of the mark.

Have Jeep vehicles been recalled because of the emissions scandal?

The Jeep brand of the FCA Group is known for the fact that product recalls have to take place particularly frequently due to defects in the vehicles. However, Jeep has so far held back in the emissions scandal, although this is exactly where an official recall is necessary and would be in the interests of the Jeep owners concerned.

Although the KBA and the police have evidence that a illegal defeat device has manipulated the exhaust gas values, things have remained quiet so far. So far, neither a voluntary nor a mandatory recall has been issued for jeep vehicles that have been manipulated with exhaust emissions.

However, the Hessian police launched a call for witnesses, the owner: inside a vehicle of the FCA group - i.e. of the brands Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo etc. - is supposed to reach.