How does a refugee affect a country?

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People who flee their country are refugees. Some of them are persecuted because they have a different opinion or religion than those in power in their country. Others want to escape the great poverty in their country. Refugees who are persecuted for political reasons can receive "asylum" in Germany. That means that they can then live here permanently.

Why do people flee?

At the end of 2019, around 79.5 million people worldwide were on the run. The reasons why people leave their homes are different. In wars people have to fear for their lives. Many leave their homes to bring themselves and their children to safety. Others leave their homeland to escape abject poverty. Still others are persecuted in their homeland because of their nationality, their affiliation with a certain religion or because of their political views. Still others flee their home countries because severe natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods have made their country uninhabitable. All refugees leave their homeland out of need. They want a decent life in peace and security.

Where do people flee to?

All people want to live in a safe place. When violence and terror prevail in their own country, people often try to live in a different area in their own country. They are then referred to as "internal refugees". But many refugees are leaving their country. They live in neighboring countries, often in large refugee camps. Often, however, the refugee camps are overcrowded, so that not enough help can be provided for all people. Many refugees also make their way to Europe and hope to be able to live and work there.

How dangerous is it to escape?

Escape is often very dangerous. Many people flee from Africa by boat. They pay money to have someone help them escape to Europe. These are so-called smugglers. However, the boats are often much too small and not at all seaworthy. As a result, many thousands of refugees have died while fleeing across the sea. Other people come by train, bus, or on foot. That too is often very dangerous. The refugees have to cross countries they do not know. When they get sick, they often don't have a doctor or medication. There is not always enough food and water on the run.

Who is helping the refugees?

Refugees who come to Germany receive help from the state and from many people who do voluntary work and help the refugees. Also in the refugee camps, from which many people made their way to Europe, there are people who take care of refugees. Often they do this on behalf of international aid organizations. The United Nations has established the post of High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR for short). This organization deals specifically with the refugee problem and has set up various aid organizations.

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