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Happiness Exercise: Three Good Things

We have a natural tendency to recognize signs of danger particularly quickly and to deal with them. This ability has brought us humans far. But if you only concentrate on it, you block your view of the positive things in life. But that can be changed. A simple exercise can make you happier for weeks to come.

Exercise "three good things"

Take a few minutes in the evening. For example after work or before going to bed. Think of and write down three good things that happened to you during the day. Maybe it was the warm rays of the sun on your face when you went to work. Perhaps a job that you did well. Maybe a nice meeting with a friend, a colleague or a stranger.

Let these situations reappear in your mind. Notice how you feel about it and answer the following question for each situation: How did it come about?

For example, you could write, "I enjoyed the rays of the sun on my face." When asked how this came about, you might say, "I noticed her and was attentive to her warmth." Or you write: "The conversation with my colleague was good for me" and as a reason "He is kind to me" or "I could feel his interest".

Every evening

Do this exercise every night for a week at the beginning and whenever you feel like it. Studies have shown that people who have discovered this exercise report that they are less depressed or dissatisfied and instead experience more happiness in their lives over several weeks and months.

The exercise "three good things" is considered to be one of the most effective exercises in positive psychology. This is a scientific branch of psychology that is concerned with exploring effective pathways to wellbeing. The effect of this exercise has been scientifically proven several times. It can last for several months. In the meantime, however, one has also found out: One can "overdose" on the exercise. If it becomes a mere routine, it loses its effect. Try out which "dose" is right for you.