Animals except humans have boogers

This is a list of them all Spells, seen in the Harry PotterSeries, including the books, video games, and movies. [1]

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Accio (Summoning spell)

Makes objects fly towards you from a distance

Aguamenti (Water summoning spell)

Type: Spell, conjuration
Pronunciation: AH-gwah-MEN-tee
Description: Creates a clean, potable jet of water from the tip of the wand.
Seen / Mentioned: Used by Fleur Delacour in 1994 to extinguish her skirt, which caught fire while fighting a dragon. Harry used this spell twice in 1997, both times on the same night; once in an attempt to summon a drink for Dumbledore, then again to help water Hagrid's hut after it was set on fire by Thorfinn Rowle, who was using fire spells.
Etymology: Possibly a hybrid of the Latin word Aqua, which means "water", and mentiswhich means "spirit".

Alarte Ascendare

Makes objects shoot up

Alohomora (Unlock spell)

Unlocks doors

Amnesia (Oblivion spell)

Changes the victim's memory and can lead to forgetting of the entire résumé


Avoids danger of suffocation

Aparecium (Visibility spell)

Makes hidden things visible (e.g. invisible ink ...)

Arania Exumai

Repels spiders

Arresto momentum

Everything that moves slows down


Makes people or objects rise in height

Avada Kedavra (Killing curse)

Kills all living beings on the spot, painless, no counterspell available !! unforgivable curse !!

Advice (Bird Summoning Spells)

makes birds appear out of the magic wand



Bombarda Maxima

Big explosion

Brackium Emendo

Heals broken bones

Colloportus (Locking spell)

Seals windows and doors

Crucio (Cruciatus, curse of torture)

Main article: Unforgivable curses

Almost makes the other person go crazy in pain !! unforgivable curse !!

Permanent curse

Deletrius (Annihilation spell)

This spell erases images and magical "aftermath" conjured up with Prior Incantado, from, produced by a magic wand that was enchanted to do so.

Densaugeo (Tooth Enlargement Magic)

Enlarges the victim's incisors

Disillusionment Charms

Makes people / objects invisible

Diffindo (severing spell)

Tears or cuts objects


Opens the hump of the one-eyed witch at Hogwarts, revealing a secret passage into the basement of the honey pot.
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This spell can open doors

Accio (Summoning spell)

This spell makes objects fly towards you from a distance

Aguamenti (Water summoning spell)

This spell conjures up water

Alarte Ascendare

This spell causes objects to shoot up

Alohomora (Unlock spell)

This spell unlocks doors

Amnesia (Oblivion spell)

This spell erases the victim's memory.


This healing spell avoids the risk of suffocation


This curse turns a person's hair into antlers

Aparecium (Visibility spell)

This magic makes hidden things visible (e.g. invisible ink ...)

Appare vestigium (Tracking spell)

This spell leaves golden traces of previous magic

Apparatus (Apparate)

This spell can teleport people from one place to another

Aqua Eructu

This spell creates and controls a gush of water

Arania Exumai

This spell repels spiders

Arresto momentum

This spell slows everything that moves


This spell makes people or objects soar

Avada Kedavra (Killing curse)

This curse kills all living beings and is painless unforgivable


This spell turns objects into birds

Advice (Bird Summoning Spells)

This spell conjures small birds from the wand

Construction billious

This spell conjures a small lightning bolt from the tip of the wand


This spell causes an explosion

Bombarda Maxima

This spell causes a powerful explosion

Brackium Emendo

This healing spell repairs broken bones

Calvario (Hair loss curse)

This curse makes the victim's hair fall out


This spell makes a voice sing

Carpe Retractum

With this spell you can get objects to yourself, or pull yourself to objects

Cave inimicum

This magic conjures up an invisible wall behind which one can hide

Cistem Aperio

This spell opens boxes and chests

Colloportus (Locking spell)

This spell seals windows and doors

Colloshoo (Stuck Curse)

This curse leaves a person's feet hanging on the ground

Colovaria (Color change spell)

This spell re-colors various objects

Confringo (Explosion spell)

This curse makes something explode

Confundo (Confusion spell)

This spell confuses the victim

Crinus Muto

This transformation changes someone's hair color and style

Crucio (Cruciatus Curse)

This curse causes the victim to suffer agony and pain and is unforgivable


This spell allows one to remove large chunks from objects

Deletrius (Annihilation spell)

This counterspell too Prior Incantado erases images and magical "aftermath".

Densaugeo (Tooth Enlargement Magic)

This curse increases the other person's incisors

Depulso (Banishment spell)

This counterspell too Accio pushes something away


This spell brings things down or down

Deprimo (Blasting curse)

This curse is enormously explosive

Diffindo (Detachment spell)

This spell tears or cuts objects


This spell shrinks an object


This spell opens a secret passage between the one-eyed witch and the cellar of the honey pot.


This spell turns an object into a dragon

Duro (Hardening spell)

This magic makes things rock hard


Raises a person from the shock of stupor

Episkey (healing spell)

Heals simple broken bones

Engorgio (swell magic)

Enlarges objects and living things


This spell turns big-rumped toads into ducks

Evanesco (Vanishing Charm)

Makes objects disappear

Expecto Patronum (Patronus magic)

Summons a Patronus

Expelliarmus (disarming spell)

Disarm the enemy with a red beam of light

Everte Statum

Slingshot spell


Creates a splint with bandages for a broken limb

Fidelius magic

Secret is hidden in a person, invisible / undetectable for others -> secret keeper / secretkeeper


Cancels some spells.

Finite Incantatem (General Counterspell)

Absolute counterspell -> cancels several curses at the same time

Flag rate

Makes a cross of fire appear

Batweights curse

This curse turns a person's boogers into tiny aggressive bats

Flipendo (Overturning curse)

Knocks over the opponent

Curse of boogers

Extremely dripping nose

Fumos (Fogging spell)

Defensive smoke curtain

Furnunculus (Pimple curse)

Cursed victims with boils

Light blue flames

Conjures up multiple water-resistant blue flames that can be carried in a container, released and returned to the container.

Immobilus (Freezing spell)

Paralyzes living things and beings (example: Whomping Willow at Hogwarts)

Impedimenta (Paralyzing spell)

Paralyzing spell: freezes / slows enemies

Imperio (Imperius Curse)

Unforgivable curse; gives control over the accursed

Imperturbatio spell

Makes doors, walls, etc. immune to eavesdropping

Impervius (Impervius spell)

Makes objects water-repellent

Inanimatus summoning spells

Animation of objects

Incendio (Fire spell, spell to make fire)

Light a fire

Furniture bus

Move a tree


Moves human bodies

Murder (Dark magic)

Makes the dark mark appear in the sky

Mucus ad Nauseam (Curse of boogers)

This curse brings someone a bad cold and their nose is runny

Muffliato magic

Makes everyone in the area hum in their ears so that they cannot be overheard

Nox (Wand annihilation spell)

Turns off the wand light
Counterspell -> Lumos

Obliviate (memory charm)

Erases memories from memory


Makes a bouquet of orchids burst from the wand

Partis Temporus


Danger signal in the magical world: red sparks appear from the tip of the magic wand

Petrificus Totalus (Full body clamp)

Creates full body braces, completely paralyzes the body, only the eyes can still see

Piertotum Locomotor


Creates a port key

Prior Incantato (Prior Incantato)

Forces a wand to show the last spell it cast
Seen / Mentioned: This spell was only seen once in 1994 when Amos DiggoryPrior Incantato used to realize that a house-elf was using Harry Potter's wand to cast the spellMurder conjured up.

Priori Incantatem

Reversal of the curse when two fraternal wands meet

Protego (Shield spell)

Creates a protective shield that can repel many weak spells

Protego Horribilis (Enhanced Shield Spell)

Creates a protective shield that can withstand even stronger spells

Proteus magic

Reducio (Downsizing spell)

Counter-saying -> Engorgio: cancels this

Reductor (Dissolving spell)

Crushes an object (in the best case to dust)

Relaschio (Ugly curse)

Sends sparks to the enemy (hot water jet in the water)

Can be used as a weapon against Grindelohs

Racer Servants (Resurrection Spells)

Counter spell to shock spell (stupor): cancels its effect

Can also provide energy to generally weakened people

Reparo (Repair spell)

Repairs broken items

Rictusempra (Tickling magic)

Victim has to laugh uncontrollably


Complete control over the victim


Magic spell against bogus. Makes this look ridiculous in the wizard's mind

Red sparks

Creates a beam of red sparks


Inflicts severe cuts on the victim

Serpensortia (Snake Summoning Spells)

Makes a snake appear from the tip of the wand

Silencio(Silence Charm)

Silences background noise or voices; With the magic spell Silencio you can also create a 'soundproof' room, so that nothing can be heard from outside of the room and inside nothing from outside

Sonorus (Sound enhancement spell)

Enhances the voice

Slugulus Eructo (Snail-breaking curse)

A flash of green light that causes the victim to choke out snails

Quick glue curse

Glues shoes to the floor

stupor (Shock spell)

Stunned opposite with a red beam of light