Which jobs still require formal business attire?

Top 8 professions that you can immediately recognize by their outfit



You can recognize some jobs at first glance because certain work clothes are mandatory in the industry. We have listed 8 professions that have real recognition value due to uniforms. 


police officer

You will not only be recognized by the siren on the police vehicle, but also by your outfit: patrol officers always wear the same blue uniform. They are also equipped with protective vests, handcuffs, pistols, baton and radio. If you feel like wearing the admittedly rather moderately attractive but at least intimidating uniform, then you can join the state police in the middle service. A degree in police force is also conceivable, because you will also have to wear uniforms when you take on leading positions in the higher service.



The right clothes are needed for a fire brigade: Firefighters wear protective clothing consisting of boots, trousers and a jacket. Not only because everyone can recognize the urgency of the work, but also because it serves as heat protection, for example. As a rule, the unmistakable outfit is black with yellow reflective stripes, but sometimes firefighters are dressed in orange or beige. They also wear a hard hat, gloves and, depending on the use, a protective mask. Do you feel like deleting and rescuing? Then find out more about training to become a professional firefighter.



Nurses can also be recognized immediately by their outfit: the health and care experts work entirely in white. Admittedly, the combination of white trousers, smock blouse (called a tunic) and white slippers is not particularly sexy - but functional. After all, white garments made from a cotton blend or microfiber can be cleaned and disinfected very well. Incidentally, in the operating room there are separate clothes in blue or green that go straight to the cleaning department after use. If you want to prove that nurses can be attractive in spite of functional clothing, you can train to be a nurse or nurse. Alternatively, you can train as a medical assistant.


Flight attendant

Flight attendants are extremely attractive - this is roughly how you can describe your opinion of the stewardess profession. Even at the airport they make an impression when they walk towards the gate in their uniform and a small trolley suitcase. As a rule, female flight attendants wear a short skirt, a matching blazer and a blouse in the airline's colors. Alternatively, dresses or trouser suits look good. A headgear, gloves or a scarf can also be part of the mandatory work clothing. For the men, the outfit is usually not that exciting. Nevertheless, they look elegant and chic in their suits. Anyone wishing to practice this profession must first complete a flight attendant training program.



This is pure authority: As a judge in court, in most cases you wear robes, i.e. a cloak-like garment. After all, you embody a public office and should also show this to the outside through your outfit and thus differentiate yourself from other people in court. Often times judges are dressed in black, but sometimes they also wear red. How exactly the requirements for your judge's outfit are also depends on which court you work for - at a regional court, for example, the rules are different than at the Federal Constitutional Court. If you want to go the long way to becoming a judge, you must first complete a law degree. If you pass the first legal examination and after a preparatory service (legal clerkship) also take the second state legal examination, you can take a three-year trial service as a "probationary judge". Only then can you become a judge for life.


chimney sweeper

Because chimney sweeps have to do with soot and dirt, they wear, of course: black. Your work clothes traditionally consist of so-called sweeping suits. Jackets, often double-breasted with gold buttons, and trousers are mostly oil-soot-proof and impregnated so that they can keep the dirt off. Workwear also includes safety shoes, a belt and a stylish top hat - which is still an outward sign of the profession. If you also aim high to check heating, exhaust and ventilation systems, you have to master the chimney sweep training. Alternatively, you can also become a furnace and chimney builder, but then you forego the unusual appearance.


Spaceman / astronaut

At least every boy has dreamed of this profession: spaceman. You don't see the mandatory spacesuit on the street, but at least in the media when a mission is due again. Thanks to the well-insulated protective suit, the courageous space experts can, for example, breathe oxygen and maintain body temperature. By the way, there are different spacesuits for staying inside and outside the spacecraft. The protective suits for outdoor use are always white, quite thick and are complemented by a spherical helmet. Have you often wondered how you can become a spaceman? If you want to be successful at the European Space Agency (ESA), you need to have the best possible qualifications. For example, studying aerospace engineering can be an advantage. But studying chemistry, biology, medicine, physics or engineering (civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering) is also ideal. However, your physical and psychological characteristics are at least as crucial as your technical knowledge.



Do you think camouflage is sexy? Then you will definitely feel at home in the Bundeswehr. As a soldier, you will first go into basic training within three months - whatever career you are aiming for in the Bundeswehr, this training is compulsory for everyone. During this time you will get to know the military virtues as well as the manners, but you will also learn a lot about military knowledge and combat service. After the basic training, you will go on to further general military or technical training, for example as a military driver or machine gunner. Studying is also possible. Do you want to make a career in the armed forces? Then helmet on, boots on and off in the green camouflage suit.

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