What are your main marketing rules

The ten most important marketing rules. A guide for start-ups and the self-employed.

This is how you become and advertise successfully. The ten most important marketing rules from practice. Created by bestselling author Jürgen Höller and the advertising agency M&W.

“Nothing is more decisive for your success than the constant investment in your clear positioning and in your marketing. For me, too, that was the key on the way to becoming “Mr. Motivation". The creative team of the advertising agency M&W has been accompanying me reliably and competently since 1993. The fact that I have welcomed over 1 million participants to my seminars in the last 20 years is certainly due to our professional marketing know-how. Read my best marketing tips that I have successfully implemented together with M&W. "

And here are the simple and successful marketing rules from Germany's best-known motivational trainer and the advertising agency M&W Marketing und Werbung GmbH from Eging am See.

1. Your positioning
Find your niche and be authentic!
2. Your name
Invest in your name and become a brand!
3. Your logo
Give your company an identity!
4. Your pricing strategy
The more benefits you give, the more you are worth your price!
5. Your scarcity principle
Create limited offers!
6. Your competition
Use the creativity of your competitors for your own advertising power!
7. Your monkey fist principle
Make your customer an offer ... they can't refuse!
8. Your referral marketing
Amaze and delight your customers with every contact!
9. Your guarantees
Offer guarantees and securities in every form!
10. Your sales strategy
Approach your potential customers! Before, during and after the purchase!

It is best to keep these ten best marketing rules in mind. Stick to your positioning strategy consistently as you direct your antennas to changes in your customers' lifestyles, needs, and desires.
Communicate with all your senses and use your potential and that of your fellow human beings.

The small booklet “This is how you become and advertise successfully. The ten most important marketing rules ”can be requested free of charge from the M&W advertising agency in Eging am See / Passau.

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