Is the truth the greatest lie

SWR2 knowledge: auditorium Lies, bullshit and corona - truth in times of the pandemic


Reality strikes back

Facts are threatened like rarely before. But it is also true: They are more important than seldom before, and that too is now becoming visible to the broader society. And fake news, as is now becoming clear, can harm people in a very direct sense.

Because reality strikes back.

Bernhard Poerksen

Now is the time for the editorial society

Because the factual has a new explosiveness, because reality cannot be suppressed, this could be the hour of birth editorial societybe. This is a society in which the maxims and ideals of good journalism have become an element of general education.

There is a general ethos, a craft and a vision of value-oriented publishing in good journalism:

“Communicate truthfully. Check first, publish later. Never rely on a single source. Always hear the other side too. Orientate yourself to relevance and proportionality. Differentiate the important from the unimportant and do not make an event bigger than it is. "

We need an error science

Error science is a pillar of this editorial society. It conveys knowledge that is about how knowledge comes about and how flawed and susceptible to manipulation the perception of the individual or even entire groups and societies can potentially be. It's about immunizing the mind against the seduction of dogmatism and ideology.

professor Bernhard Poerksen is a media scientist at the University of Tübingen.

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