Are US presidents drug tested

Donald Trump suspects his challenger Biden. Image: / KEVIN DIETSCH

Before the TV duel: Trump makes an absurd proposal

The US election will take place on November 3rd. Before that, the incumbent President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden face each other in three debates. W.he Trump now announced in an interview that he requires a drug test for both of them before the first debate. Trump justified his demand by saying that Biden had improved significantly in the course of the debates during the democratic primary elections for the presidential candidacy. In Trump's view, this can only be explained by Biden's drug use.

Trump said in an interview with the Washington Examiner that Joe Biden suddenly made a much better impression than before in the final Democratic debate against Bernie Sanders on March 15. "I don't know how he [Biden] could be so incompetent in his debates and then suddenly okay with Bernie." Trump further argues: "What I'm saying is, if you look back at some of these numerous debates, he was so bad. He wasn't even understandable. And against Bernie, he was. So we're calling for a drug test."

When asked how he founded his suspicions, Trump said, "I'm pretty good at this sort of thing." In the previous debates, Biden was completely incompetent. He then appeared normally against Sanders. "How can that be?" He asked. Someone would have told him that Biden must be on drugs. "I don't know if that's true or not, but I ask for a drug test. For both candidates."

Proposal causes ridicule among Twitter users

Trump caused ridicule on Twitter with his proposal. The Democrat Russel Foster ironically speculated whether Trump believed the movie "Limitless" was real. There is a drug in it that can be used to increase brain activity and thus lead to an increase in performance.

The presenter Jason Page called Trump's proposal "completely crazy".

Trump made a similar request in 2016 when he ran as a Republican presidential candidate against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The first TV duel between Trump and Biden is scheduled to take place on September 29.


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