What's the best life hack ever

19 ingenious life hacks that are simply the best life hacks of all time

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The mother of all lifehack lists!

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1. Your beer bottles always slip when you stack them in the refrigerator? It works with a file clip in the refrigerator.

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2. Instead of popping out the Toffifee with your fingers, simply press these small, round indentations in the pack. They are only there to make the chocolate come out easier.

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3. You don't know where to go with your dirty wooden spoon? Just put it in the hole at the end of the pot handle!

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4. You can easily halve small tomatoes between two plates:

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5. Instead of peeling kiwis with a knife, cut them open only on one side and then run a spoon along the edge until you can pull the whole fruit out of its skin.

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6. Do you want to peel a hard-boiled egg? The easiest way to do this is to put the egg in a glass of water and then shake it vigorously.

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7. The drain keeps clogging? Simply dissolve a dishwasher tab in the basin. This not only makes everything shine, but also degreases the process and removes odors.

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8. Impress guests with clear ice cubes like from a picture book:

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9. If you break out the little nupsi at the top of avocados, you can tell from the color below how ripe the fruit is:

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10. Squeeze the last of the rest of your tubes by rolling a glass bottle or rolling pin over them with pressure.

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11. Are you moving? Instead of taking off your clothes and packing them up, simply pull trash bags over everything that is on hangers. That saves you time and effort!

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12. With the IKEA cutlery holder ORDNING you will never look for your ribbon again.

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13. You don't have room for the lids of your pots and pans? Simply build a lid holder with the BALUNGEN towel rail from Ikea.

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14. You want to make a small room look bigger? Generously hung curtains work wonders!

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15. If you want to take a picture of your dog looking into the camera, all you have to do is hold a ball over your phone.

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16. Put an IKEA Osted sisal rug on the wall and your cats have the perfect adventure wall for scratching, climbing and playing.

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17. Your kid's model cars are flying around? Glue a couple of IKEA GRUNDTAL magnetic strips (which are actually intended for hanging knives) on the children's room wall. So all cars are neatly AND beautifully lined up.

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18. Do you have a child that you need to bathe? Put him in a laundry basket so his toys don't drift out of reach.

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19. And if your child has stuck something up their nose and can't get it out, you should definitely know the emergency parental kiss. Blow your child's mouth and with a bit of luck the object will fly out of their nose.

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