How many elective subjects can we choose?

Elective courses

Grades 7 to 9 (G8) and 10 (G9) serve as an intermediate level to prepare the pupils in a suitable manner for the continuation of their course of education in the upper secondary level or in other courses of the upper secondary level. In addition to the continuation of the core curriculum-based teaching in the subjects on the lesson table, the opportunity to set individual accents by choosing an optional subject for grades 8 and 9 (G8) or 9 and 10 (G9) also contributes to this.

For the compulsory elective area, the pupils choose either a third foreign language, computer science or another subject or another combination of subjects from the school's offerings. Lessons in the compulsory elective area take place outside of the class group in courses, include classwork and are relevant for promotion. (

The offers are generally taught every 2 hours in class 8 and 3 hours in class 9.

Choosing a compulsory elective in class 8 means that this course will be taken for a period of 2 years (classes 8 and 9), but this is not yet linked to the choice of courses in the upper level. Courses can also be chosen without restrictions in subjects that were not chosen in the compulsory elective lessons, because the courses in compulsory elective area II do not convey any subject-specific content that is required for a course selection in one of these subjects in secondary level II. (However, it can be assumed that French and Latin will not be new foreign language courses in the EF.)

It should be noted, however, that students who take Spanish as a subject cannot be integrated into courses that start over in the EF. Whether the Spanish differentiation offer will be continued in secondary level II depends on the number of students who want to continue choosing it in secondary level 2.

Pupils who choose French or Latin in WP2, on the other hand, can be combined with the learners in the area of ​​the second foreign language in courses and also take the subject as a foreign language in the upper level.


In principle, the following learning objectives are aimed for in the compulsory elective area:

  • extended basic knowledge and in-depth specialist knowledge,
  • Knowledge of subject-specific methods (practical applications, project work, experiments),
  • Interaction of subject-specific methods in interdisciplinary areas,
  • methodical independence and intensification of willingness to learn.

Performance evaluation

  • As in the so-called "main subjects", performance evaluation in WP2 is based on oral and written performance.
  • Oral participation may also include practical work that is completed in the course of a six-month period.
  • In all WP2 courses, two class work must be written in the half-year, i.e. a total of four per school year.
  • A class test can be replaced by a specialist paper per school year. The decision is made by the subject teacher after consultation with the relevant specialist conference.
  • The work performed in WP2 is transferable. The elective subject does not belong to subject group I (German, math, English, 2nd foreign language), but to subject group II - like the non-written subjects - despite the compulsory class work.


In the following we would like to introduce you to the extensive range of subjects in WP2 at the LvD. We are sure that we will make offers to all students here in which they can find personal interests and inclinations and expand or deepen their knowledge. If you have any further questions about the subjects / subject combinations, please feel free to contact the specified contact person. You can find an overview of the teaching colleagues with details of the subjects here.

If you have general questions about the compulsory elective area, Mr. Rott, as the middle level coordinator, is your contact person.

Latin or French (3rd foreign language)

The subjects Latin and French can be selected for pupils who have not yet taken the respective subject as a second foreign language. They offer themselves to expand the options in the upper school, especially if you want to choose a linguistic focus. Due to the shorter learning time compared to learners of the second foreign language, the progression is steeper, i.e. you learn the language faster overall, but you are also able to take courses with the second language learners at the end of the intermediate level.

At this point, we do not provide an individual presentation of the subjects for the compulsory elective area and would like to refer to the information on the pages for the subjects Latin / French. If you have any questions, you will also find the respective contact person here.

Spanish (3rd foreign language)

The subject Spanish is offered as a "new" foreign language for the first time in grades 8 or 9. In the presentation (pdf and Powerpoint file) you will find further information on the subject. If you have any further questions, please contact your colleagues in Spanish.

Computer science

Computer science is one of the subjects offered by all schools in North Rhine-Westphalia in G9 in WP2 have to.

At LvD, however, it has been a long and successful tradition to familiarize students with the subject matter at an early stage. The range of subjects in WP2 complements and deepens the previously initiated competencies. You will find the most important information about the subject in the following presentation (once as a PDF document and once as a PowerPoint presentation). The IT teachers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


The subject maker is one of the "younger" subjects in the WP2 offer at LvD. It was introduced in 2018 by Mr. Reiners, who has also taught it since then and therefore also acts as a contact person for questions. But this offer has also developed steadily: the foundation stone was laid in 2012 with the natural science-technical offer BiNaHt (bionics / nanotechnology / semiconductor technology). You can find the most important information in the presentation (once as a PowerPoint file, once as a pdf).


The abbreviation "UmWi" stands for environmental sciences and is a subject-related offer that contains content from the subjects of geography and biology. This subject also has a very long tradition at LvD - with changing focuses and constantly updated content as well as under different names! The contact person for questions is Ms. Beusch.


Another compulsory elective that combines content from different subjects is the "Media" elective. Here, on the one hand, artistic and creative abilities are addressed, productive handling of various media is practiced, and on the other hand, social science aspects are also discussed. You can see what that means in the presentation. The contact person for questions is Ms. Bongartz!

Business English

The subject Business English (offered since 2012 at LvD in WP2) offers the opportunity to deepen English skills, but particularly to focus on topics in the area of ​​"economics". You also have the opportunity to acquire a certificate here! You can find more information in the following pdf document. Contact person for further questions is Mr. Klümpen.