Why are people health conscious

The most important capital: our health

Health is - not just proverbially - one of the highest human goods. We associate positive things with health such as fitness, joie de vivre and satisfaction.

Good health is also a prerequisite for coping with the numerous demands in work and private life. Because only those who are healthy can also be effective and productive, creative and motivated.

Long-term illnesses or early retirement, on the other hand, reduce the quality of life and productivity - and are often associated with a significant reduction in income. If you want to keep up in your working life by the time you retire at the age of 66 or 67, you should use and maintain this capital - your health - well in your younger years.

What does health actually mean?

There are many scientifically derived definitions for this, which can be summarized as follows: Health is more than not being sick. Health means "feeling good" and means in detail

  • the absence of distressing illness and chronic pain (which does not mean that a person with a chronic illness can also feel healthy),
  • Strength, energy, resilience, joie de vivre,
  • physical and mental fitness,
  • the ability to optimally cope with challenges and life crises as well
  • the ability for effective regeneration and recovery.

These are goals that almost everyone strives for. But although health is generally valued very highly, many find it difficult to pay sufficient attention to health aspects in daily life. Admittedly, it's not always easy either!

What affects our health?

Everyone knows the stories of a fit 95-year-old uncle who has been smoking heavily since he was a teenager - or of a healthy schoolmate who was seriously ill at a young age.

Can you influence your health at all or is illness an inevitable fate?
The factors influencing health are diverse. Personal predispositions, characteristics and behaviors form the foundation. But the people around us (the social environment) and the respective environmental conditions (living, working and living) also have an impact on health and well-being.

So there are many levers for each individual to promote his or her health, resilience and zest for life: exercise, good nutrition and avoidance of obesity, but also maintaining friendships are beneficial to health. Other important influencing factors are the personal work situation and a good balance between work and private life.

With this guide we provide you with tips and ideas on how you can influence your own health. But we will also show you what you and your employer can look out for when designing your work and your workplace.

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