How can I clean walls with vinegar?

Cleaning a wall

Clean the wall depending on the wall coating

Everyone knows the problem with dirty walls. Be it through dirty hands, by children when playing or otherwise. Dirt gets on walls again and again. Whether and how the wall can be cleaned depends largely on its coating:

  • plastered and painted
  • plastered and with wallpaper
  • plastered and with woodchip wallpaper

Clean the wall with woodchip wallpaper

The woodchip wallpaper is particularly problematic. The material is not particularly resistant to mechanical influences. Cleaning the wall with a brush is therefore not advisable. Water as a cleaning agent is also not suitable for the woodchip, as the paper-like wallpaper dissolves quickly.

In most cases it will be necessary to repaint the wall. It may still be possible to touch up with paint only in the area of ​​the soiling. This works particularly well if the paint is not too old, as the color tone does not deviate too much from the time it was painted.

You can wash off many conventional wallpapers

Walls with conventional wallpaper, on the other hand, can be cleaned very well. Since most wallpapers are water-resistant and coated, washing them off is quite an option. You can also use a really soft brush here. However, you have to be extremely careful.

Cleaning a painted wall: color matters

In principle, it is also possible to clean a painted wall. Here again the decisive factor is what kind of color it is. Certain colors such as glue paints or certain lime paints (and of course milk of lime) are water-soluble. So washing up is not an option here.

It looks different with walls that have been painted with conventional emulsion paint. These colors are usually declared as "washable". However, such a wall should be washed at regular intervals (once or twice a year). If dirt remains on the paint for too long, it can penetrate deeper. Then the dirt can no longer be completely removed and clouds can form.

But washing the entire wall is not for everyone either. In addition, minor soiling can also be removed differently. Here we are going to show you how to use home remedies to remove stains from a wall.

Author: Tom Hess

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