Sociopaths are effective soldiers

Soldiers are psychopaths

Siegfried Kauder has been chairman of the legal committee of the German Bundestag for a year. He, of all people, called for restrictions on the freedom of the press this week in view of the threat of terrorism. Of course, Kauder also supported the public prosecutor's office in their investigation against 17 journalists. They were suspected of having received and published secret information (including newspaper clippings) from the Kurnaz investigative committee. Even then, trade unions and media representatives saw this as an attempt to restrict freedom of the press and intimidate journalists.

This can also be done in other ways, for example by suing for libel. Hubertus Knabe, director of a memorial in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, was referred to in an interview in this newspaper as a "psychopath from Hohenschönhausen", "who now wants to see the Stasi investigation extended to the last Eskimo". At the request of the public prosecutor's office, the young worldOn January 27, the Tiergarten District Court served a penalty order in the amount of 4800 euros. Arnold Schölzel would have it young worldnot kept free of “criminal content” and therefore “an illegal act, namely an insult”, had been committed using the printed matter. Schölzel immediately appealed the penalty order and accused the public prosecutor, court and Hubertus Knabe of attempting to restrict freedom of the press, information and freedom of expression. In the main hearing, the magistrate followed his considerations. The term "psychopath" was not used medically, was not a disgraceful criticism, because it was presented in the context of a substantive argumentation, Schölzel had legitimate interests, and whoever distributes like Mr. Knabe must also be able to take it. Schölzel was acquitted. The public prosecutor did not want to let that rest and appealed. On Tuesday of this week, the Berlin district court confirmed the district court judgment. The judge gave detailed reasons why freedom of expression was such a valuable asset and why it was important that the statement be made in the context of a public discussion - and not just represent a personal defamation of the person addressed - with a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court in the Tucholsky case - Quote ("Soldiers are murderers"): It is about positioning in a substantive dispute and not about a legal or medical fact, here the right to freedom of expression is particularly important.

Just one day later, the next penalty order comes from the Tiergarten district court. This time jW author Thies Gleiss is supposed to pay 5400 euros. He should have been in an article in the young worldthe Bundeswehr soldiers stationed in Afghanistan deliberately referred to as "murderers in the legal sense" and thus insulted. Gleiss commented on the coalition negotiations in North Rhine-Westphalia on the focus page in the jW edition of May 20, 2010. The SPD asked the Left Party comrades to first clarify their relationship with the GDR. Gleiss countered this request by stating that the murder soldiers sent to Afghanistan by the SPD and the Greens had already killed significantly more people than there were dead on the Berlin Wall. Neither the dead at the wall nor the victims in Afghanistan are concerned with a legally precisely formulated criminal offense, but with the common knowledge that Bundeswehr soldiers also kill people. In earlier proceedings, the public prosecutor's office, the armed forces leadership and the authorities argued against the Tucholsky quote by stating that the armed forces alone had to pursue the task of deterrence and direct national defense, but would never wage war outside the Federal Republic. At the latest after the Bundeswehr air strikes in Yugoslavia and massacres such as the bombing of a tanker truck in Afghanistan, the prosecution and the Bundeswehr argue differently. After all, this current process is already of so great importance that it has already found its way into the Wikipedia lexicon under the heading "Soldiers are murderers / development of public discussion". We will continue to report.

The next court letter that came into the house on Friday also describes the real situation in terms of freedom of expression. The company Stadtkultur Berlin demands from the young worldor the 8.Mai GmbH publishing house a declaration of cease and desist and compensation for damages because of "so-called wild advertising". Of course we didn’t post wildly, nor did we initiate anything like that. On the contrary, here in Berlin we have repeatedly had official posters posted about various companies, for example for the Rosa Luxemburg Conference on the notices of the U-Bahn and S-Bahn. So you need a lot of money to express your opinion in public. But even that is not enough if it is the wrong one. We have already been refused the paid notice because a statement by Rosa Luxemburg was quoted that was too political. We will also report on this trial. And we take the opportunity to refer to our litigation cost fund.

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