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6 Best Websites For Reading Free Books Online

Reading books online is a new lifestyle for most people. With tons of resources now available, it is much easier to find the book you want online than in a library or bookstore. Today we are going to introduce the most famous websites for reading books online for free including Google Books, Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Manybooks, etc. Some of them also offer download links.

Best websites to read books online for free

Google Books

It would be stupid to include Google Books on this list. It is the world's largest free online reading platform for books. If you haven't read ebooks on Google Books, you are out of date. The resources in Google Books are provided either by publishers and authors through their partner program or by Google's library partners through the library project.

You can see Google Books as a great search engine for free online books. You can find online e-books on almost any subject and issue here. You will be linked to search results when a book is found with content that matches your search terms. To search with filters, just jump to the advanced search.

If the book you're looking for isn't copyrighted or Google Books has the publisher's permission, you can view all of the text or a preview of the book. In the search results you will see a "Read" or "Preview" button under each book. A book with a read button means it is a free book to read online. For books with the "Preview" button, you can only preview a few pages and have to pay for all of the text. Some online books can even be downloaded as PDF files if they are in the public domain.

  • Main subjects of books: no index and no restriction.
  • Download available: PDF.


1. If you want to save the book you want to Google Books as an EPUB rather than a PDF, you can use a PDF to EPUB converter to fix the problem.

2. To edit or add notes and comments to the downloaded PDF books, you can convert PDF to Word for further editing, or edit PDF directly using programs such as PDFelement.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an online library that provides over 60,000 free e-books and audiobooks. With the help of a group of volunteers who are passionate about books, Project Gutenberg has grown steadily and determined to collect more useful e-books for their readers. They are focusing on older literary works for which US copyright law has expired and digitizing them into e-books format.

When you have the book you want in Project Gutenberg, you can read the free book online in HTML format or download it to your local device for offline reading. The supported download formats are EPUB, Kindle and Plain Text. If you want PDF books, just convert EPUB to PDF.

The online reading experience for e-books at Project Gutenberg is unique. Unlike most online book reading websites, Project Gutenberg builds the entire book on one web page so you can read it without turning the pages. You can save the webpage as an HTML file in the browser if you want. Read this tutorial. Save a full webpage as HTML for easy instructions. If necessary, you can also convert the HTML code to PDF.

  • Main subjects of books: literature.
  • Available to download: EPUB and Kindle.

Open Library

As an initiative of the Internet Archive, Open Library is a non-profit website for digital libraries with valuable e-books. Open Library's mission is to create a website for every book publisher and the digitized version of every paper book. There are nearly three million books available in digital form in Open Library. You can borrow or read these books online.

Books that are freely available for reading or downloading have a "Read" icon next to them. Books with the "Borrow" icon can only be borrowed for up to two weeks if you contact Open Library. The books you have borrowed can be read online with the Internet Archive BookReader and can also be downloaded in PDF and EPUB format.

  • Main catalogs of books: science, biography, textbooks, science fiction, romance, fantasy, etc.
  • Available for download: EPUB and PDF.


Goodreads is recognized as the world's largest website for online e-book readers and book recommendations. To date, 2.6 million books have been added to this website and more are set to continue. Much of it can be read online for free. You can build your online library on Goodreads by adding books to your reading list and keeping track of the books on your wish list. Goodreads also sends you personalized book recommendations based on your online reading behavior and their analysis of the 20 billion data points.

In the "Sort By" filter on the e-book page, you can select the "Readable" option to view the book, which can be read online for free. Select the books with "Read Book" or "Download eBook" on the right and click the button to open the online reader.

When you log into Goodreads with your Facebook account, the website automatically recognizes your friends on Facebook, the Goodreads. You can connect with these friends on Goodreads and see what books your friends are reading. This makes reading books online a lot more fun.

  • Main genres of books: romance, fiction, young-adult, fantasy, etc.
  • Download available: PDF.

International Children's Digital Library

The International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is a free online library for children around the world that provides digitized children's books in 59 languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be read online. The site's main audience is children ages 3 to 13 and their parents. The books here are strictly selected for value, quality and suitability. Every online book is supplied in its original language with copyright permission from publishers or writers.

The mission of the International Children's Digital Library is to encourage children's reading hobbies, strengthen their passion for learning, and foster tolerance and respect for different cultures. To read free books online, kids just need to find their favorite books and click the "Read This Book" link. In the online reader, children can read the free book in a single or double-page view and zoom in on the page as they wish.

  • Main subject of the books: children's literature.
  • Download: Not available.


Manybooks was founded in 2004 and offers continuous free access to a comprehensive Internet library with over 50,000 digital books. Over the past decade, ManyBooks has evolved into a platform for self-publishing authors to share and publish their appropriate new books. This is better than Library Genesis.

Most of the e-books on Manybooks can be read online for free and downloaded as PDF and other formats. However, some books are not free. For the books that are not available for free, Manybooks have some links like Amazon, Apple, Google B & N and Kobo where you can buy. You do not have to be a registered member to read an e-book online. Just click in the book title and select "Read Online". Manybooks has an online reader that allows you to change the font size. However, you need to sign up for free if you want to download e-books.

  • Main genres of books: fiction, action & adventure, bios & story, children's fantasy, horror, non-fiction, romance, young adult, etc.
  • Download available: PDF, EPUB, MPBI, RTF, HTML, etc.

Bottom Line: Choosing the Best Free Online Book Reading Sites

In this post, we are going to introduce you to some of the most popular resourcing websites where you can read free books online. So what does it take to choose a perfect platform for your online reading? It's about what topics you like.

If you're looking for books for your kids, check out the International Children's Digital Library. When choosing a classic e-book for literature, Project Gutenberg is your first choice. If you don't have a specific book or topic that you want to target, Open Library, Goodreads, and Manybooks can help you with Manybooks genres. Or just go to Google Books. Everyone knows that Google has most of the resources in the world. I guarantee you will find whatever you want there.

To add more valuable sites to this list, feel free to contact us via email or leave a comment below. If you're interested, check out other topics like Free PDF Ebook Download Sites and LibGen PDF Ebook Download.

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