How feasible is an MBA from Singapore

Masters in Singapore

monty  πŸ“… 12.05.2017 23:55:08
I am in the last legs of my bachelor’s degree and of course I’m thinking about how to proceed for me.

Would like to go abroad again and think about doing my Masters at the NUS in Singapore. Has anyone had experience of studying there or just want to give me some food for thought?
Anonymous  πŸ“… 13.05.2017 10:42:11
Singapore is one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, with a large proportion of the local population living in public housing.

What I want to say: Find out whether the university provides living space. On the open market, expect several thousand euros a month for a small booth.
DennisM  πŸ“… 13.05.2017 12:06:42
Can only agree with my pre-poster.

2 room apartment moderate equipment approx. € 2.5k per month (central location)
Another problem are the rental contracts, these are almost always designed for 2 and the term cannot be negotiated.

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I know which ones, they were there as exchange students for 1 semester. You will be accommodated at the university apartments. A normal student cannot afford an apartment there. Personally, I haven't been to Singapore yet, but according to other people I have come to the conclusion that there are better destinations in Asia than Singapore. Price / performance is simply not worth it there.
NUS_Graduate  πŸ“… 10.08.2017 09:11:07

Don't let the previous speakers intimidate you, most of it is nonsense.
Singapore isn't cheap, but it's doable!

I did a master's there and survived. Sure, housing isn't cheap, but you don't have to spend thousands to live worthy.
If you can't get a room in a dormitory, then you have to switch to the free market. Your own apartment will cost from around 1,000 euros, but there are already rooms with locals for around 500 euros.

The term is certainly not always 2 years, that's just nonsense. It depends on the landlord, nothing else.

Eating out can be cheap if you eat local dishes in the Hawker, but expensive if you have to eat it in the restaurant or western kitchen. That too depends on you.

I had received a scholarship, that is certainly not the rule, but the tuition fees, compared internationally, are within the scope of the possible.

Studying here is very good, the conditions are great, but everything is much stricter and more reminiscent of school. You will not find the free, but sometimes too lax German education here. But it has brought me a lot personally and I have also found a job here.

Good luck!
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