Sales reps work together

Teamwork in sales

learning goals

After completing this module, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • List scenarios where your sales reps benefit from teamwork
  • Describe the role of Salesforce account teams

Be successful together with teamwork in sales

Salespeople are like solo musicians: they have mastered their skills; H. the art of talking, selling and closing deals. But just like any great musician, a sales rep can improve their performance with the support of a great band. Think the talented Stevie Nicks, who is great on her own, but even better with Fleetwood Mac! This is especially true for complex deals. A sales rep should work with others to close the deal quickly. The sales rep is still the lead singer, but what if they add a senior sponsor on guitar, a sales engineer on drums, a support rep on bass, and a marketing rep on keyboards? Imagine Dragons watch out!

Sales teamwork can work for any business, but it can be especially helpful in the following cases:

  • The business is complex.
  • A certain product plays an important role and the responsible account manager is not an expert on that product.
  • Business has stalled.

Todd Sink, Managing Director of Slalom, heads more than 1,200 sales people on his team and has recognized the benefits of teamwork in sales. He sees it this way:

"The concept of teamwork in sales is about putting the aces in the right place. It means that the right people are working with a client in the appropriate role. It starts with mastering the various dynamics in a sales cycle to yourself." Focus on the long-term relationship with a customer, the plan for success and its execution to produce the desired customer result. All sales opportunities and customer relationships are different. Someone may be the right person to lead the relationship on certain opportunities, while the same person on Other opportunities can be better off on the implementation side. The team has to put egos aside and understand who is the right person for the key role in each opportunity. "

(You can read Todd's entire article on teamwork in sales on Quotable.)

Set up your account team

The key to successful teamwork in sales lies in the clear definition of the responsibilities of the individual members. That way everyone knows what is expected of them - and what someone else has already done. You can create and define the corresponding roles using the Sales Cloud "Account Team" function. This is useful for:

  • Accountability: Every team member knows their role in the team and how their performance is measured.
  • Record access:In order to work on an opportunity, you must be able to search independently. The Sales Cloud “Account Team” function enables every member of the team to access the correct data records, so that manual approval is no longer necessary.
  • Reporting:To determine remuneration and credit towards quotas, you need to know who worked on which deals. In addition, more accurate reporting strengthens your ability to coach and deploy the right people in the right places.

Salesforce account teams can consist of up to five employees who have different levels of access to the account and related records such as opportunities, contracts, and cases. How you customize it is up to you. For example, sales reps should have access to all relevant data, while support reps should not be able to change contracts.

You can create a standard account team for each sales rep. You can decide what happens when this sales rep is assigned a new lead: should the account team be added automatically or should the sales rep decide lead by lead depending on the complexity of the business?

If you choose to work as a team in sales, take the time to clearly define roles and responsibilities. This can set the pace for success and get your supergroup to the top of the charts!