What is soda water

soda water

Many people think that the terms soda water and mineral water are synonyms. This is not the case, however, because there is one crucial difference.

What is soda water?

Soda water - often simply referred to as soda - is in Germany according to the Mineral and Table Water Ordinance (MTVO)a table water that contains carbonic acid and at least 570 mg sodium hydrogen carbonate per liter

What is the difference between soda water and mineral water?

In contrast to the natural product, mineral water will beTable and soda water produced industrially. Table water is produced from drinking water and / or mineral water, natural brine and the addition of mineral salts and carbonic acid. It is not tied to sources, so it can be produced anywhere and does not need official approval like mineral water.

Mineral water as a natural alternative to soda water

Mineral waterswhich, like Gerolsteiner, have passed through limestone layers (e.g. dolomite) in their source areanaturally hydrogen carbonate (HCO3). Hydrogen carbonate, also called bicarbonate, is a component of the salts of carbonic acid. It has an acid-neutralizing effect and harmonizes the slightly sour note of the carbonic acid. The result is a pleasantly neutral, refreshing taste.

Carbonated mineral waters with a high content of hydrogen carbonate such as Gerolsteiner Sprudel and Medium are thereforenatural alternatives to soda water. In many cocktail recipes theTerms soda and mineral water synonymous used.