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Ring size change

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A Ring size change is not uncommon for wedding rings. Because in the course of a lifetime, the ring size can change. The hands change. Some people gain weight, so their hands get bigger, which of course you can hardly see. Targeted muscle building can also affect the size of the ring. Or you may lose weight over the course of your life and the wedding ring has just gotten too big. In this case, there is a great risk that the wedding ring will be lost. That would be a shame. It is therefore worthwhile to change the ring size.

This is how the ring size change works

A ring size change is as good as always possible. Set stones are not an obstacle. At Juwelier-Schmuck you will be well advised on this. If gemstones are set in the ring, they are treated with the greatest care. Everyone's goal Size adjustment it is that the ring looks the same afterwards as it did before - just bigger or smaller. To one Make ring bigger, there are several options. On the one hand, you can simply widen the ring. It becomes slightly thinner, which does not affect the quality of the wedding ring with a slight change in size. If the ring has to be several sizes wider, you also have the option of inserting a piece of the precious metal. The finished ring looks like new. Should a Wedding ring smaller you proceed in exactly the opposite way. Either you can reduce it with a little pressure or you can cut out a piece. But this is only the case if the ring is really supposed to be much smaller. In any case, our jewelers will find the best solution for your valuable piece of jewelry.

When is a ring size change necessary?

  • The wedding ring has become too small.
  • The wedding ring has grown up.
  • The wedding ring is intended to be worn on the other hand and does not fit perfectly there.
  • The wedding ring has become thin due to very long wear and should be strengthened.