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Personal Branding: Marketing the I brand

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Personal branding is more relevant than ever. Whoever draws attention will be noticed. It has always been like that - it just wasn't as easy in the past as it is today. Gone are the days when journalists in particular decide who or what and how to report.

Thanks to digitization, everyone has it in their own hands to market themselves on various channels. This applies to stars and starlets as well as to politicians, executives, freelancers or anyone who has something to say based on their expert knowledge. However, that does not mean that traditional media should be avoided. When it comes to personal branding, it's the mix that makes it - and of course the right strategy behind it.

Development of a private label

The competition is great. So what can you do to stand out from the crowd? As the term personal branding already suggests, it is about marketing your own personality, skills and services. That which makes a person an expert in their field. Anyone can say roughly that about themselves, but can also question them in detail and then critically?

Anyone who gets into self-marketing should - before they start - deal fundamentally and comprehensively with themselves. Who am I? What can I? What do i have to say Who is my target group? Questions that define the core of the Ich brand and help build a consistent and credible private label. But that's not all. The most complex part of personal branding is yet to come: external communication. What do I say when and where? What do I want to achieve? Which channels are useful at all? How often and with what do I have to play them? Can I even do it alone?

Strategic personal branding

"Once the reputation has been ruined, you live completely unabashedly". This may apply to one public figure or another, but it shouldn't be the intent of personal branding. It's about building a credible and positive image. One that creates trust in the desired target group. This can be achieved through targeted reputation management.

Get outside help

Just as you are an expert in your field, there are specialists like us who are familiar with reputation management, branding, content generation as well as analog and digital distribution channels. We know how an I brand works in which context. Strategic personal branding requires professional guidance and support. Let our expertise help you.

We define your own brand together with you. Determine what you can and want to achieve. We look at your target group, develop measures and define your channels for external communication. That’s the theory. But we also help you in practice.

If you want, we can create the complete content for you or support you with it. The same applies to the communication channels: Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, XING or our own blog, we take care of the setup and take care of ongoing maintenance. And as PR professionals, we represent you reliably in press and public relations.

The good advice at the end

One thing you should be aware of: there is no such thing as a bit of personal branding. If you choose to do it, you should stand behind it wholeheartedly. Be authentic, credible and honest. Don't act. It's not who you want to be, it's who you are and what you can do.

And very important: plan enough time. Because self-marketing also means constantly staying on the ball. This is the only way to ensure that you take your target group seriously.

by Andrea Melzer