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Has your carpet passed? Or has a stain lodged? Then one is thorough carpet cleaning popular, but removing stains and heavy dirt from carpets and upholstery always involves a lot of work. And stubborn blemishes cannot always be removed by scrubbing and scrubbing, no matter how diligent and diligent, or with the carpet cleaner achieve desired results. Then the time has come for professional help: this is called a carpet cleaning machine. With this cleaning machine, the carpet will look like new after the treatment. But how does a floor cleaning machine work? And how is it used correctly? What should you look out for when buying a carpet cleaning machine? We took the test and will answer all your questions and give you further tips and valuable information along the way.

Carpet and floor cleaning machine test 2021

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The best choice for professional carpet cleaning

A carpet cleaning machine is a floor cleaning machine that is primarily used in the large-scale and professional carpet cleaning is used. Therefore, you will find this cleaning device mainly in the commercial and industrial cleaning. But of course you can also choose yours Private household the highly effective floor cleaner for your Carpet, upholstery or other textile coverings to buy.

Colloquially, a carpet cleaning machine is also referred to as a vacuum cleaner, which explains its function and task. Because this floor cleaner sucks and washes! thanks to the combined working method is used when cleaning carpets very thorough and clean result achieved. In the following we will show you how such a floor cleaning machine works and works exactly.

This is how a floor cleaning machine works

As already mentioned, the carpet cleaning machine vacuums and washes at the same time, and accordingly two functions is used:

The carpet cleaner is first pressed into the carpet / carpet by the floor cleaning machine and then sucked out again directly afterwards - i.e. in one work step. Basically there is a constant change between pressing and vacuuming instead, with the result that even deep-seated stains and dirt are removed by the cleaning machine. This mode of operation is also known as the spray extraction process.

It is important how strong or which one Power the suction turbine Has. Because the more powerful the turbine, the less residual moisture remains on the carpet and the faster the fabric can be stepped on again. The final drying time can definitely be seen as a minor disadvantage. But as the carpet cleaning device test proves, you can use the Spray extraction process even wash grease stains out of the carpet. There is also such a cleaning machine that gets by without water when cleaning carpets and instead works with a kind of powder dry cleaning.

Which floors and rooms are carpet cleaning devices suitable for?

As the name suggests, these floor cleaning machines are absolute specialists for Cleaning and care of textile surfaces such as carpets, carpets or upholstery. Although these devices are primarily used by professional cleaning companies, they are also ideally suited for domestic use. Because these vacuum cleaners can do much more than just clean textile surfaces in the house or apartment.

Because even interiors in the car shine like new after being treated with a carpet cleaning machine special essays, which are often included in the scope of delivery, the area of ​​application can be enlarged in no time at all. For example, there is a hard floor attachment that enables you to use the floor cleaning machine for cleaning and caring for hard and stone floors. That makes this cleaning machine all the more interesting.

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  • Specialist in all types of vacuum cleaners
  • Kärcher attaches great importance to flat brush and polishing heads so that the furniture can also be cleaned effectively
  • Overmat's carpet and floor cleaning machines are particularly easy to use
  • many cheap vacuum cleaners on offer
  • thanks to the front lights, you can keep a clear view even under furniture
  • Products tend to be in the higher price segment

Using the carpet cleaning machine correctly: Instructions

Using a floor cleaning machine is fairly easy, but there are a few points to look out for. Experts advise, for example, to use these machines when cleaning carpets Special means to renounce. These usually have to be bought if you want to borrow a carpet cleaning machine. But Antistatic additives and those against new soiling usually only have the effect that the carpet quickly becomes dirty and soiled again. In the following, we will briefly show you how to proceed with the classic spray extraction process:

  • The carpet first thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner suction and pre-treat existing stains with a stain remover / special stain remover. However, pay attention to the instructions for use of the carpet cleaner you are using. The best thing to do is to test the detergent in a hidden place on the carpet.
  • Dispense the mixture Delicates detergent and water in the tank the floor cleaning machine and switch on the device. The carpet is cleaned according to the instructions for use (switch position, attachments, filling quantity, etc.).
  • In order to get a clear structure when cleaning carpets and to work more efficiently, you should consider the surface to be cleaned Divide mentally into individual squares and work through them one by one. Make sure that you guide the cleaning nozzle of the carpet cleaning machine evenly and slowly over the carpet. The way it works is very similar to vacuuming, but you have to proceed much more slowly. You will inevitably run over some areas of the carpet several times, especially if these are heavily soiled and have a stain.
  • After the carpet cleaning, the floor cleaning machine is switched off and with the Rubber puller Striped as much foam as possible from the carpet.
  • Finally, you should also clean the carpet cleaning machine, which is in terms of the lifespan and hygiene of the device. After the dirty water has been emptied, the Thoroughly rinsed the tank. Then focus on the container with the cleaning water and empty it as well and rinse properly before fresh water is poured in again.
  • Lastly, you should do the at least two more times Cleaning nozzle run with clear water over the carpet / carpeting so that the cleaning agent washed out becomes.

For everyone who has a carpet cleaning machine with fresh water and rotating brushes the steps after point 1 can be carried out in one operation and of course you do not need to remove the soap residue.

Buying a carpet cleaning machine: what to look out for?

Finding the right and supposedly best cleaning machine for your carpet can take time. But you should take the time to review the various models available in the closer circle of favorites stand, compare. But what should you watch out for? There are quite a few Purchase criteriathat you should keep in mind. Find out, for example, how big the tanks for the fresh and dirty water. After all, their size also depends on the length of work required.

You should also use the carpet brushes that have a constant contact pressure should offer, and the Power consumption respect, think highly of. In the floor cleaning machine test, good devices are characterized by the fact that the Dirty water extracted directly and only remains in the carpet. In the interests of good and easy operation, it is advisable if the carpet cleaning machine can be moved flexibly in all directions. In addition, the carpet cleaner can be operated using a height-adjustable handle optimally adapt to your height.

Tip! We can only urge you to read one or the other test report before making the purchase decision. Also use customer reviews of the various carpet cleaning devices for the ultimate comparison and professional research.

Advantages and disadvantages of a floor cleaning machine

  • ideal for cleaning large textile surfaces
  • some devices can also be used in the car
  • Devices available with and without a water tank
  • Various cleaning agents can be added to the water tank
  • the cleaned surface must first dry

Floor cleaning machines at attractive conditions in our shop

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The most important answers summarized

What are the best products for "cleaning machines"?

At the moment the following products are particularly popular on Staubsauger.net and according to the criterion "popularity" in the category cleaning machines test winner or best:

Which brands or manufacturers are recommended?

In our experience, the following brands could be suitable for you: Kärcher, Lavor, Numatic.

What other sources are there on the subject of "cleaning machines"?

In our experience, the following brands could be suitable for you: Kärcher, Lavor, Numatic.

Best 7 cleaning machines in the test or comparison from 2021

In the following table we show you the top 7 from the cleaning machine test 2021 by Staubsauger.net.

Test or comparison to cleaning machines
pictureproductType (s)judgmentOnline priceTo the test
Kärcher 1.056-820 FP 303Floor polishing machines, cleaning machine4 stars (good)
about 180 €" Experience
Lavor Sprinter SCLScrubbing machine, cleaning machine3.5 stars (satisfactory)
about 289 €" Experience
Kärcher BDS 51/180 C AdvSingle disc machine, floor polisher, cleaning machine4.5 stars (very good)
about € 1,277" Experience
Lavor Crystal CleanScrubbing machine, cleaning machine4.5 stars (very good)
about 532 €" Experience
Numatic NRT 1530Single disc machine, floor polisher, cleaning machine4.5 stars (very good)
around € 1,752" Experience
Numatic NRU 1500Single disc machine, floor polisher, cleaning machine4.5 stars (very good)
about € 1,917" Experience
Numatic NRS 450Single disc machine, floor polisher, cleaning machine4.5 stars (very good)
around € 1,756" Experience
Last update on May 19, 2021

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