Gives You Diet Soda Cancer

Starting with one diet soda per day, the risk of cancer increases

The results of the current aspartame study now showed the following: Even a can of diet soda of 355 ml per day - compared to control persons who did not drink diet sodas - leads to

  • a 42 percent higher risk of leukemia (blood cancer) in men and women,
  • a 102 percent higher risk of multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) in men and
  • a 31 percent higher risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (lymph gland cancer) in men.

Tons of aspartame consumption

It is uncertain which substance in the diet drinks specifically brings with it the increased risk of cancer. What is certain, however, is that diet soft drinks are (by far) the largest source of aspartame in the human diet. Every year Americans alone consume 5,250 tons of aspartame (Europeans 2,000 tons), of which about 86 percent (4,500 tons) is contained in the daily consumed light beverages.

Previous studies have been confirmed

The results of a study from 2006 are also interesting in this context. 900 rats received aspartame regularly and were carefully observed throughout their lifespan. Although this study was carried out on rats and has been criticized and questioned again and again, it is now once again moving into the limelight.

The rats that ate aspartame showed exactly the same types of cancer as the diet soda-drinking humans in the above-mentioned study: leukemia and lymphoma.

The best soda is not a soda

If you should now be toying with the idea of ​​using the normal, sugar-sweetened cola instead of your Diet Coke, then the study described has a little surprise in store for you: namely, men who have one or more "normal" Drank sugary sodas during the day had an even higher risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma than the diet soda men. So the healthiest lemonade is clearly not a lemonade at all. Also read: Refreshing vitamin water - homemade


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