Which nations kitchen is the healthiest

Food cultures put to the test | Which country is (s) t the healthiest?

Have you always wanted to know which country is the healthiest in eating? Harley Pasternak - nutritionist and personal trainer to Lady Gaga and Eva Mendes - will tell you.

He traveled all over the world, reports in his new book "The 5 Factor World Diet" (Riva Verlag, 19.99 euros) of his experiences with the national kitchens and reveals how you can lose weight with foreign food. Already in advance - Germany did not make it into the top ten. Is it because of the sauerbraten, the bread dumplings and sour cream cake?

Japan made it to number one of the healthiest eating nations.

According to WHO figures, Japan is in the forefront when it comes to aging, with an average life expectancy of 85.6 years for women and 78.7 years for men. Reason: the Japanese diet.

With rice, fish, and vegetables (especially cabbage) as the main part of the diet, Japanese cuisine is the healthiest in the world.
The culture of serving is also a reason for the healthy lifestyle: Instead of “slamming” the food on the big plate, the meal is served in several small bowls. This means that you eat more slowly and more consciously.

In second place of the healthiest eating cultures: Singapore.

Rice is eaten there three times a day - and even a small bowl with the important carbohydrates will fill you up. For dessert there is no greasy cake or creamy cream dishes, but durian - a prickly fruit.

Here are the countries that made it into the top ten healthiest eating cultures:

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