Are you going to give Donald Trump another term

"Trump, go home" : Four years of frustration, now partying in front of the White House

Like Kamala Harris, many Americans are doing this morning. You must first come up with other thoughts, she jogs a lap when the redeeming news comes. "We did it, Joe," said the future, first female Vice President of the United States, on the cell phone to Joe Biden.

"You will be the next President of the United States," she says, laughing from the bottom of her heart at what a tremendous relief it can be felt in her.

Like tens of millions of other Americans. Hundreds of people are jogging in the park on the National Mall in Washington on November 7th in imperial weather, at first it seems like another day of waiting, meanwhile we know almost all electoral districts in states like Pennsylvania and Arizona.

When the first US broadcasters and the AP news agency suddenly reported at around 11:20 a.m. that Biden is now definitely bringing Pennsylvania and jumping the magical limit of 270 electors, everything happened at lightning speed.

The first car parades are formed, cheers on the streets, people hit pots on balconies and embrace. Where democracy in the USA seemed to be seriously damaged during Donald Trump's term in office, it is experiencing a major comeback here, although no one knows whether the deep trenches will ever be filled again.

From the breakfast table to the White House

Tens of thousands of people stream from the breakfast table directly towards the White House. You now had almost five days to prepare for the moment. The news is less than an hour old when a white PickUp drives up to Black Lives Matter-Plaza - so named after the death of George Floyd because of the suspicion of Donald Trump from the city - a blue sign "Biden Harris" hangs there instead of a license plate .

A swing combo is playing on the loading area, it is the other, the confident, happy America, which here, with tuba, trumpet and saxophone, brings out the tremendous joy that Trump was voted out of office. Behind it is a crowd that is dancing with the influx from all sides, almost all of them Corona-compliant with face masks, in the capital it is also mandatory on the street.

One woman holds up a cardboard sign: "You're fired", on the other it says: "Trump is over." Of course, there is also a lot of wishful thinking, his supporters will not rest. It's a happy, liberating mood. The cars that can't get through are honking happily, USA flags are waved everywhere.

It is a huge relief to feel, it does not matter at first that the news comes that President Donald Trump does not recognize the election of Biden because of the many postal votes and the tight outcome in several key states.

Joe Cantor has also made his way to the plaza, which ends at the front of the high black lattice fence that is supposed to protect the White House over a wide area.

He is 69 years old, but he does not want to miss this festival of democracy. He holds up two cardboard signs, cheers. One of them says: “The End of an Error! - The end of a mistake ”. On the other: "The Real Majority has now spoken - the real majority has now spoken."

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Before the emergence of the civil rights movement for more protection of the black population, it was much closer, but since the protests after Floyd's death as a result of a brutal police operation, Lafayette Park in front of the presidential seat has also been closed. “We eventually reclaimed America from people who never understood what the size of the United States was,” says Joe Cantor, while people are singing around him and pots are being hit.

Trump has been talking about making America 'great again' for four years. “But America never stopped being great. The great thing is the goodwill, the generosity, everyone can become something. We need a president again who takes care of the country and not just himself. "

But whether Biden can overcome the divisions? “It will be very, very hard to reunite the country. Trump tickled all the bad instincts out of people, ”said Cantor. Ingrid Vaca came from Bolivia in the USA 20 years ago and believed in the American dream. She cries. All the burden of recent times seems to have dropped from her. She fights for herself and above all for her children so that they can stay.

Biden has announced that in addition to the return to the Paris climate protection agreement, he also wants to reinstate the Daca program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to give children of migrants a legal status.

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The 53-year-old Vaca has been struggling for seven months, because of the corona pandemic, she was barely able to do her job as a cleaner. It almost goes under that the USA is also reporting new records for the number of infections, Biden faces enormous challenges.

"Hope lives today"

“We suffered so much, we felt permanently ostracized”, calls Vaca in the midst of the cheers, she belongs to the organization “United we Dream”. The American dream had at times become a nightmare for the "Dreamer". “Today our hope is risen again. That is the end of egoism and racism ”, exclaims Vaca. "Hope lives today."

The people around her keep shouting: “This is democracy looks like” and “Trump, go home.” But Trump is not inside and cannot hear the swan song: He is golfing.

The current president had himself driven to his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling on the outskirts of Washington. He left the White House for the first time since Election Day - just when the news that was devastating to him came. Early in the morning he tweeted again: "I won this election by a large margin!"

It is interesting that heads of state and government, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, are rushing to create international facts by quickly congratulating Joe Biden. On the protest fence, through which the White House can be seen in the distance, hangs a head of Trump, with a pig's nose, underneath it reads in English: "Get pigs out of your White House", above several posters with the inscription: "Loser" , Loser.

Yes, that also belongs to this day, the tone is and will remain rough, the enormous differences between the often democratic urban space and the rural regions dominated by the Republicans have manifested themselves in the election results - and were in states like Georgia and Arizona it was precisely the black voters who gave Biden a decisive vote, while other large groups such as Cubans in exile and Venezuelans in Florida caught Trump's warnings that Biden would introduce socialism.

It has remained quiet almost everywhere since the election, a lot will now depend on the Republicans as to whether they can persuade Trump to leave the country in a reasonably peaceful manner. It will take a long time to contain racism and to trust real facts again. Another legacy is the QAnon movement, which spilled over into Germany and believes that an elite kidnaps and kills children in order to obtain a rejuvenating drug from their blood. They see Trump as a champion against what they consider to be a Democratic-dominated elite and a "deep state".

Conspiracy theories are spreading

Biden was aware of a different migration policy, for example, said a supporter of the ideology on election night, who had bet US $ 20,000 on Trump's victory and is now waiting for the day of reckoning, as the election had been massively falsified - whatever it was up to gives no clues whatsoever to the OSCE election observers.

"They want the borders to be opened so that even more children without documents come into the country to get their blood," said the woman. And the coronovirus is a biochemical attack by China, Barack Obama and Bill Gates. In Philadelphia, too, where the decision was made, people flock to the downtown streets for an impromptu celebration.

The police cordon off Broad Street, a main street that runs towards City Hall. Hundreds of mostly young people dance here. Jordan, a young woman with Afro hairstyle, is dancing down Broad Street with two friends. "Biden won - Biden won !!!" she screams over and over again. During the campaign, she called voters for the Biden and Harris team and tried to convince them. “Trump was a racist,” she explains. “He gave zero support to the LGBTQ community. That's why I chose Biden, he's not great either, but the better choice. Today we're just celebrating. "

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In other streets around the town hall, a horned car parade forms. A young woman waves a large American flag from the roof window of a pick-up truck. Today, as it has been for days, the town hall is secured by soldiers and police officers. A man shouts to them in passing: "Thank you for your service. Thank you for your work."

"Thanks Philly"

On the corner of Broad Street and Chestnut, a young man holds up a sign that reads “Thank you Philly”, while another in a green body suit kept shouting “Trust the process”. That choice was made in Pennsylvania, and not least in Philadelphia. The decisive surge of voices was reported from the city, which eventually led CNN and other media outlets to decide to declare the race decided.

In the past few days, lawyers from Trump's campaign team had tried to stop the counting of votes, but they only succeeded temporarily. A man in his mid-forties walks with his little dog on a spontaneous demonstration in the direction of Independence Mall - the place where the American constitution was adopted in Philadelphia. The little mongrel is wearing a red and blue dog sweater on which pallets are embroidered on a paw, plus the number 2020.

He doesn't want to say his name because he works in the public sector. He is actually apolitical, but: “It is a good sign for democracy that every vote really counts, that everyone can make a difference, that it is not just a politician who can declare himself a winner, but the people decide. And that the people were patient ”.

2020 was a completely crazy year, a pandemic, a bad election campaign. In the end it was really enough for him. “So it's great that something like this is happening now. That we get a sign for the future. ”It is a day of hope for many across the country, but despite all the cheers and the victory of democracy, one must not forget that around 70 million people did not vote for Joe Biden, but for Donald Trump.

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