Can I be bisexual at the age of 12

My child is lesbian / gay / bi

Your child is fine the way they are. homo'Homosexual' (Greek 'homos': equal; Latin 'sexus': gender) is a historical term that describes sexual acts, desires and relationships between members of the same sex.- or bisexualBisexual people describe their sexual orientation differently: as a romantic and / or sexual attraction to women and men, as an attraction to their own gender or to more than one gender in general. Children and young people can grow up just as happy as heterosexualWhen women are romantically and / or sexually attracted to men, or men to women, they are said to be heterosexual. At the same time, 'heterosexual' also describes sexual acts between a woman and a man.: Many will be at Comingout positively encouraged by her friends. At the same time, many people experience discrimination. It is all the more important that you treat your child with love and respect.

How do I deal with coming out?

There is often a phase of awareness before coming out. Many children and adolescents develop fears of negative reactions. That is why it is usually a great vote of confidence when your child opens up to you.

If you suspect they might be gay or bisexual, don't rush your child: give them time to do theirs sexual orientationThe sexual orientation describes with people of what gender or gender someone would like to enter into a sexual and / or romantic relationship. to find out for yourself. Signal that all sexual orientations are equal to you. For example, you can read out children's books on the topic or mention colleagues and friends who are gay or bisexual.

Take your child seriously: Don't dismiss their feelings as a "phase". Your child knows best about their sexual orientation.

Respect the privacy of your child: do not announce them to exactly this group of people and time without their clear permission.

Dealing with your own questions and fears

Some parents develop questions and worries after their child comes out:

"Have I failed my education?" - Some parents wonder if they did something wrong. But there is no reason for that. Sexual orientation is neither cultivated nor "prevented" by upbringing. Do not blame your child, but encourage them at any time.

"Do I have to worry my son will get AIDS?" - Anyone can become infected with HIV. Inform your child regardless of sexual orientation and genderIn our society, gender is an important principle of order and an influential social category. But the definitions of what actually constitutes gender differ greatly: ... about the risk of contagion and safe sex.

"But I want grandchildren!" - The decision to become a parent rests with your child. Today, some homosexuals and bisexuals are also choosing to live with children. For example, some choose the path of co-parenting, in which not all those involved are biologically related to the child, while others adopt a child together.

Support your child

Encourage your child to follow the path that is right for them and to become part of a homo- or bisexual youth group, for example. Let him know that you are by his side at all times, for example when coming out to school.

Show your child that coming out is not a problem for you by reacting openly and encouragingly. Tips and suggestions can be found in parenting guides. You can also exchange ideas with other parents in parent groups of homosexual and bisexual children.

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