What are the best educational applications websites

With these applications, digital lessons can take place despite Corona

General information:

Digital teaching from home offers a number of opportunities, but also presents challenges. For example, it is important that the application software works on different devices because every child has different hardware requirements at home. Through the use of digital tools, lessons can take place both live and independent of time. Time-independent offers are particularly important so that digital devices can be used flexibly by family members and learning can be adapted to the changed everyday family life in the current exceptional situation.

Learning from home should continue to be able to take place in exchange with the teacher so that the students are not only supported by parents during home schooling and questions of understanding can be clarified. In the current situation, quick and pragmatic action is required. That means digital tools that do not require the purchase of licenses and still comply with basic data protection are required. This overview therefore focuses on free applications that can be used without procurement processes.

Since every federal state has individual requirements for data protection and quality standards for digital learning offers, this overview is only a collection of diverse offers and does not make any explicit recommendations. For more detailed information on which offers meet the quality and data protection standards of the respective federal state, we ask you to observe the requirements of the ministries of education.