List five top apps for Shopify

The 17 best Shopify apps for more sales in 2021

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1. Pre-Order Manager: Pre-launch new products


Source: Shopify App Store


How popular will the new product be in your shop? With the Pre-Order Manager you are guaranteed to find out.

The Pre-Order Manager app is perfect for everyone who wants to launch a new product in their shop, but would like to see beforehand how popular it is and what sales figures can be expected. For example, you can use a pre-launch campaign to advertise your product that is currently not available.

From the "in the cart" becomes a "Pre-order"-Button, so that interested shop visitors can easily pre-order the product. The app can only be used for certain products or for the entire online shop. Whenever a product is no longer in stock, the button changes from "Add to cart" to "Pre-order".

Price:Free trial for ONE product, unlimited subscriptions from USD 24.95 / month



2. Channable: Feed Management & SEA Tool


Source: Shopify App Store


With Channable you can automatically import all your products from your online shop and manage the feed. With the tool, the feed can be easily optimized with the help of various rules. So you can products categorize, add missing information, optimize titles, exclude articles and much more.

Channable is not only great as a feed management tool, it also offers an integrated one in the “Professional Plan” SEA tool, with which thousands of text and shopping campaigns with ad groups, ads and keywords can be created automatically.

For example, you can create SEA campaigns on a product basis and advertise each product in your shop with the appropriate keywords and ads. Once the feed has been prepared, setting up the SEA campaigns is only a small effort - but the potential for the click and conversion rate is great.

Price: From EUR 29 / month without SEA tool, from EUR 99 / month with SEA tool



3. Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk: Keep users in the shop


Source: Shopify App Store


Getting traffic to your online shop is often difficult enough. Unfortunately, only traffic brings little, because no online shop lives from that alone. It often fails because visitors leave an online shop too quickly, because most of them will probably never return to the shop. Keeping users on the site and, in the best case scenario, getting them to buy is the ultimate discipline.

Exit Intent Popup by OptiMonk is an app that aims to grab the visitor's attention. If the user wants to leave the shop, a appears Pop-up windowto keep him from doing it. In this pop-up you can encourage the user to subscribe to your newsletter with a special offer or present another top offer that should keep them on the page.

The OptiMonk pop-ups, which you can design individually, are also ideal for visitors who are already in the shopping cart and want to leave the page.

Price: 14 days free of charge, thereafter from USD 29 / month



4. Back In Stock: Automatic in-stock notifications


Source: Shopify App Store


Sold out doesn't have to mean that you have to forego sales.

Are you running out of stocks of some products in your online shop and you still have no more supplies? This can happen and is not a problem. It is important, however, that in such a case you give your shop visitor the opportunity to use a activate automatic notificationwhen the product is available again. Especially when users do not have many other options to get a certain product, they are usually ready to wait for a "back in stock alert".

With the Shopify app Back in Stock you have a simple and quickly set up solution that brings interested visitors back to your online shop exactly when you have your favorite products back in stock. The email notifications can of course be customized and integrated with marketing apps such as MailChimp.

Price: 30 days free, thereafter USD 19 / month



5. Plug In SEO Optimizer: Booster for your ranking


Source: Shopify App Store


Search engine optimization is extremely important if you want to be found not only through paid advertising, but also through the organic search results. Do people find your online store when they search for products that you sell? Or is the competition snatching all your traffic away from you?

In the past it has been shown again and again how important the google search is when making an online purchaseis. The Plug In SEO Optimizer app provides you with a simple SEO tool that examines your online shop for SEO problems. The app is basically what YOAST is for WordPress and therefore does the OnPage optimization child's play for every shop operator.

Headings, page titles, page speed, descriptions, metadata and other elements are examined and evaluated. Adjust metadata quickly and easily, incorporate structured data, find outdated redirects, use the integrated keyword tool and much more.

Price: Free Forever version, extended version for USD 20 / month



6. Yotpo: Product Reviews & Photos




Already from the "Social Proof" belongs?

We humans are social beings and we are easily influenced by what others do. We see behavior in others and adopt that behavior because we think it has to be good.

The same thing happens in online retail: If we see a lot of good reviews for a product, the probability is higher that we will buy it too. Just like that, you'd be more likely to download a Shopify app that has a lot of good reviews than one that has only a few reviews.

With the Yotpo app you can easily Collect reviews, ratings, photos, and other social reviewswhich are then displayed in the shop. With these social reviews you create more trust in your products and your brand. Thanks to the social proof, the conversion rate can ultimately also be increased.

Price: Free, extended version from USD 19 / month



7. Feed for Google Shopping: Create a shopping feed


Source: Shopify App Store


If you want to get the most out of your online shop, you can hardly avoid shopping ads on Google.

With shopping campaigns, you can do the Increase the visibility of your products and complement your search ads perfectly. The user not only sees text ads, but also shopping ads with product images, prices and information about shipping. If your price is unbeatable for a popular product, it is particularly worthwhile to appear prominently in the shopping section of Google.

With the “Feed for Google Shopping” app, a feed for Google Shopping can be created quickly and easily from your product catalog. Optimize the feed according to your needs and connect it to a Merchant Center.

Not only the app itself with all its functions is convincing across the board, but the customer service is also excellent.

Price: 21 days free trial, thereafter from USD 4.99 / month



8. build customer loyalty




If you run an online shop, it is of course important to keep attracting and acquiring new customers. But what is often neglected: customer loyalty.

So how can you turn your previous buyers into loyal customers who keep coming back to your online shop? One way to turn one-time buyers into returning customers is through loyalty programs. With the app, you can easily integrate such loyalty programs into your own online shop.

Leave your customers for certain promotions collect points, lure you Cart abandoners with points reminders back to the shop and generate Urgency using campaigns and bonus points.

Price: free, extended plans starting at USD 49 / month



9. ReConvert: Upselling & Cross Selling


Source: Shopify App Store


Customer loyalty is extremely important, as we saw earlier. Don't just focus on attracting new buyers, but also retaining existing customers.

The ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell app targets the Optimization of your order confirmation page because the thank you page in your online shop offers enormous potential for customer loyalty. By optimizing your thank you page and that Adding upsells or cross sells you can address customers who have just made a purchase in your shop again.

For example, you can add product recommendations on the thank you page, offer voucher codes, collect feedback or ask about the date of birth of your customers. There are no limits to the options for designing your order confirmation page with ReConvert.

Price: free version, extended plans starting at USD 7.99 / month



10. HelpCenter: FAQ pages made easy




The simpler and more intuitive your shop is, the more likely it will be to make a purchase. But even if all the necessary information is available in your shop and the buying process is child's play, your customers have questions. It always has been and always will be.

Fortunately, there are also many questions that keep repeating themselves. So that you don't have to spend too much time answering the same customer questions, there is the Shopify app HelpCenter.

The app simplifies customer service for you on several levels. With HelpCenter, for example, you can create a clear and branded FAQ page create. You can also use the HelDesk ticketing system Manage requests from different channels and are thanks to the Live chats available to your customers in real time.

Price: free basic version, extended subscriptions from USD 4.95 / month



11. PushOwl: Push notifications for your customers


Source: Shopify App Store


Have you already tried email campaigns and just didn't get off to a green light? Then maybe you should inform your customers about news or the like via other channels: Push notifications

PushOwl is the top rated web push notification app - so what are you waiting for?

Bringing abandoned shopping carts back to the shop is very easy with the PushOwl app because you need it no email address or phone number. The web push notifications are sent via the browser. The only requirement: Your (potential) customers use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

PushOwl is particularly good for

  • Cart abandoners
  • current actions
  • Changes in prices
  • New product / inventory announcements

Price: free basic version, extended subscriptions from USD 19 / month



12. EcoCart: More sustainable online shopping


Source: Shopify App Store


Are you addressing particularly environmentally conscious people with your online shop? Planting trees for every order is definitely a great way to give something back to the environment. But there are more options.

With the EcoCart app, offer your customers the option of offsetting the environmental impact of their order with one click. Thanks to EcoCart, your customers can tick a box during the ordering process in your shop, through which 1-2% of the total amount will be donated to sustainability projects. The implementation of the app in your shop is done in a few minutes - try it out.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important and there are more and more people who value the fact that the environment is not unnecessarily polluted, even when shopping online. So show your customers that you care about the environment as much as they do.

Price: free



13. Lucky Orange: Heatmaps & recordings of your customers


Source: Shopify App Store


Have you ever wondered why buyers don't convert on your website? There are now a number of apps in the Shopify App Store that can help you answer that exact question. Lucky Orange is one of them.

With Lucky Orange you have several tools at your disposal:

  • Session recordings
  • Live views
  • Dynamic heat maps
  • Survey
  • Form analysis
  • ….

Find out where your shoppers are getting stuck in the store, what they're looking for, how far they're scrolling, what they're clicking, and more. With this valuable information and insights into user behavior, you can then optimize your shop much more effectively.

Price: Free up to 500 page views / month, extended subscriptions from USD 10 / month



14. Oberlo: Find - Sell - Dropship




You need one more first Idea for a suitable productthat you want to sell in your online shop? Then Oberlo is the perfect solution for you. Start your business or find new products for your existing shop.

Oberlo is THE Shopify app when it comes to Dropshipping provider goes. Here you are guaranteed to find a supplier with suitable products for your shop, because Oberlo is a kind of marketplace. The products you can find here can be imported directly into your Shopify.

Orders in your shop are then sent directly to your customers by your Oberlo supplier and you do not have to worry about packaging or shipping.

Price:Free “Explorer Plan”, extended subscriptions from USD 7.90 / month



15. PageFly: Landing page in next to no time


Source: Shopify App Store


Landing pages not only have to be well structured, they also have to load quickly, be responsive and ideally lead to a conversion. So that you don't have to spend too much time and nerves generating landing pages, there are apps like PageFly.

With the PageFly Landing Page Builder you can quickly create a wide variety of landing pages: No matter if Collection page, product page or FAQ page: The structure and design with over 50 possible elements are intuitive and thanks to the numerous templates you can save an enormous amount of time.

If you want to fine-tune the whole thing, you can of course do so with the necessary codes.

Price:free basic version, advanced subscriptions from USD 19 / month



16. Wishlist Plus: Save products for later


Source: Shopify App Store


Who does not know it: You browse through a cool online shop and see several articles that appeal to you - so put it on the wish list first, then you can decide later.

Your shop doesn't have a wish list yet? Then it is high time, because the majority of the users in your online shop are not yet ready to buy something

So let people rummage through your shop and give you an incentive with a wishlist to come back again and decide. Wishlist Plus is the ideal app for this, which allows your customers to save or mark their favorite items. The wishlist saves the marked products for the next visits to the online shop - maybe the customer is then ready to buy.

Price:Try it free for 14 days, then from USD 9.99 / month



17. Social Photos: Collect product photos from your customers


Source: Shopify App Store


Online shopping is fun - but we find it difficult to order some products over the Internet. An online purchase often fails because we simply no certainty about product quality to have.

Does the size fit? What does the product look like in real life in normal light? Show your potential customers what your products will look like without the perfect exposure and without the white background - in a real environment or on real people.

With the Shopify Social Photos app, you can Simply collect user-generated content and integrate it into your shop via hashtags or a website widget. You have control over which content is adopted and which is not.

Thanks to the product photos of your customers, social proof is established and your customers can become part of your brand.

Price:Try it free for 30 days, then from USD 10 / month