What could be nicer than having sex

Intimate togetherness: Ideas for making love - without sex

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Sex is great. But you also have to be very clear: He is not everything. There are so many beautiful ways to be very intimate and close with your partner. Just as sex is much more than "penetration and done", so is intimacy and closeness in so many facets possible and, above all, quite ingenious. They make your love life round and perfect, so to speak.

So here are eight ideas for moments full of tenderness and closeness that will not replace your sex life, but will complement them perfectly. For even more feeling in your relationship. So, let yourself be inspired by eight great ideas for being close without having to go straight to the laundry.

Here come the most beautiful ideas for love - without sex!

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1. Get into the tub

There is no more physical contact: Take a warm bath (provided you are the proud owner of a bathtub), add a fragrant bath additive to the water and ensure pleasant light in the bathroom. Then grab your loved one and get into the tub. The nice thing about a bathtub like this: You can't help but be really close, otherwise you won't even fit into the damn thing in pairs.

Together in the tub you can relax, be silent, chat, listen to music, splash around, laugh and drink wine (and if you don't have a tub, you don't have to cry, you can look forward to idea number 8).

2. Massage de luxe

That is simply infinitely good: a massage after a strenuous day! Our skin is our largest organ and so infinitely sensitive to caresses and massage strokes that loosen up and relax. Fortunately, this world is usually divided into two camps: those who like to massage and those who like to be massaged. And hopefully it'll work out in your relationship.

Obviously, too, of course: This massage does not focus on eroticism. But of course nobody has to stay chaste and good if they can go on. There are so many erogenous points that there is absolutely no need to circumnavigate. Only one thing is required for a partner massage: both must benefit from it.

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3. Endless kissing

Hand on heart: When was the last time you kissed your partner - and really? Do you remember the teenage days when wild smooching was the highlight of fabulous parties? Or the early days with your partner: the first kiss, the first evenings. You could hardly leave each other. And yet at some point the kiss lethargy crept in. The 1-second "hello-smack" is often the highest of emotions.

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That's pretty stupid to be honest. Because kisses are the best thing ever. Test it out: Grab your partner, throw yourself on the couch and make out to your heart's content. You will most certainly rediscover the pleasure of kissing quickly and from then on you will kiss a lot more than before.

4. This one place **

In your long-term relationship, there are sure to be a lot of memories - and many places where you and your boyfriend have experienced something beautiful together. Be it a specific destination or the café where you used to meet for the first time.

How about if you would do that again? The main thing is that it is an old, nostalgic memory that you relive again together. Many places simply exude the energy of your early days. Butterflies included.

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5. The best memories

Speaking of nostalgia and memories. There is nothing better than talking about "before" together over dinner or cuddled up against your shoulder in bed. Talk about the most beautiful memories that bind you both together.

For example: What the first thing you thought when you saw him when you first met. Or about which beautiful moments of the relationship would belong in your top 5. And which ones would be in his top 5. And which song is "your song". And, and, and ... you must have a lot of memories together, right?

6. Make plans

That welds together and is fun: forge future plans! What else do you want to experience together? Talk about your future together or what you want in life. What should your dream home look like? Did you want to move to the country or the big city later?

And if all this is too far away, plan the next dream trips with your sweetheart ** or start a hobby with him that has always attracted you. Those who don't have wild plans for the future are definitely doing something wrong. So: Dreaming is important and it doesn't cost anything.

7. Cook together

The proverb "love goes through the stomach" is not for free - cooking together is pretty ingenious! Even if you are not the kings of cooking: have courage! You can also laugh at tears at a meal that has been mixed up together together and get started.

Let each other try each other in between, treat yourself to a cooking wine (not the IM Essen, but the one with it), put on music and do nothing else, except for your own specially created candlelight dinner.

8. Swimming together **

When was the last time you went swimming or in the thermal baths together? Not long? Exactly, it's about time! Enjoy the weightlessness in the water together, relax in the warm pool, pull your laps together until you are out of breath. And something else is great: In the water, he can piss you off - forever.

(And as long as swimming pools are not open, maybe the small lake or a river around the corner will too.)

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