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The top web hosts at a glance - The best web hosting providers in comparison in 2021

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If you run a commercial site or have a lot of traffic on the site, you must pay attention to the efficiency of your hosting. A number of very different factors play a role in this.

Start-up kitchen recommendation

Many different hosting providers, some of which specialize in certain types of websites - it's easy to lose track of them. We currently find that among all the providers listed here theWeb host 1blu - the German service scores with the best price-performance ratio.

Factors according to which you should choose your hosting provider

The most important thing: accessibility

Accessibility is the factor that most people instinctively look at. No hoster can achieve 100% availability - but most of them come more or less close to this ideal. However, the differences such as scarce can still be considerable. While the top hosters make it in tests for downtimes that are only a few minutes per month, the downtimes for others can add up to an hour or more.

Decisive factor: loading time of your website

A factor that should not be underestimated is also the loading time: Especially with web shops, the loading time is one of the most important criteria, which also significantly influences the conversion rate. You should not only pay attention to the “maximum” loading time, but also to what percentage of calls is slower. It doesn't always go as fast as an arrow - with all hosters there are also a certain number of rather sluggish calls, but the percentage fluctuates strongly. The reason for this are the different caching mechanisms used by the individual hosters. Ideally, the caching should also be configured in such a way that it does not have to be shared with other users of the server.

Fast servers - the crucial resource

The available resources are also an important factor. Good hosters almost always guarantee certain CPU and RAM resources that are always available. That should also be a little scalable (e.g. by choosing a higher tariff level if you want more guaranteed performance). Unfortunately, this is not the case with all web hosts, mostly with more expensive tariffs there is only more storage space but no more performance.

Service & prices - what you should look out for with the hoster

When it comes to the range of functions, there are hardly any differences between good hosters today - important functions such as unlimited and high-quality SSL certificates, databases and cron jobs can now be found in almost all professional tariffs of quality hosts.

Of course, the price also plays a role in the end - but it should only be used as the last selection criterion. The performance of hosting is much more important and a higher performance in most cases makes up for the additional costs of a few euros for hosting.

Depending on your level of Internet knowledge, special offers such as website builder offers with which you can create your website relatively quickly are interesting. You can find out how this works and which web construction kits are particularly recommended in our specialist article Homepage construction kit comparison: The best web construction kits for founders in the test.

And not to be despised is the support that a hoster offers. How easy is it to contact a service employee in an emergency? How well trained and in the material are the operators? The big providers in particular have some catching up to do and you may be better off with a smaller but more committed hoster.

Domain Factory - full service in web hosting

The Domain Factory is one of the best-known providers in Germany. Web hosting, WordPress hosting and mail hosting products are offered in the hosting area, as well as managed server and cloud server solutions. Very good availability and stability, slightly slower average response time. Large email boxes can also be set up here. However, the server location is abroad and SSL certificates are only included for one domain.

Prices:.de domains from EUR 0.99 per month, web hosting from EUR 4.99 per month, professional from EUR 9.99 per month Up to Ultimate 39.99 EUR per month, server solutions and mail hosting have different prices
SSL:yes (permanently included)
Homepage construction kit:Yes
Traffic / web space:free / 25 GB and 25 GB mail space - 400 GB and 400 GB mail space
Particularities:SSD hard drives, faster data access), spam and virus protection, free domain from the Professional package, overload protection, additional add-ons, SFTP, editable name servers, professional functions

All-ink.com - Small provider with outstanding service

The hoster based near Dresden offers very good accessibility, hardly any downtime, but slightly longer response times than other providers. In terms of price in the middle range, but a large number of inclusive domains and no minimum term for the tariff - that is, can always be canceled by the month. Particularly good support and telephone service.

Prices:All-INCL private from 4.95 EUR per month up to ALL-INCL Business EUR 24.95 per month, Managed Server from EUR 99.95 per month
SSL:Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
Homepage construction kit:No
Traffic / web space:free / 50 GB to 500 GB
Particularities:Newly ordered tariffs free of charge until the end of 2020, no minimum contract period, no setup fee, 3 domains included in the cheapest package, very good customer service

Checkdomain - inexpensive hosting provider

Checkdomain offers good and clear packages for hosting on German servers with a good range of functions. Extremely high availability, downtimes add up to less than 20 minutes per month, but very short average response times thanks to special PHP OPCache. Very few slow queries in the test (well below 0.5%). Those who need more domains, however, have to resort to higher-quality (and thus somewhat more expensive) tariffs, but even then the prices are usually lower than with many other providers.

Prices:Hosting Start 6.0 from 4.90 EUR per month up to Hosting Business 6.0 from 19.90 EUR per month
SSL:yes (all packages Free-SSL)
Homepage construction kit:yes (EUR 3.90 per month to EUR 14.90 per month)
Traffic / web space:fair use / 50 GB to 500 GB
Particularities:Spam and virus protection included, server location Germany, 2 domains included in the cheapest package, full SSD databases in all packages, app installer from Hosting Pro 6.0, PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 for all packages

Webgo - Alternative hosting provider

Webgo is a provider with a rather confusing website. In addition to several web hosting packages, VPS and dedicated servers are also offered as root servers and managed servers. Top accessibility, performance and stability, at the same time comparatively cheap tariffs with easy tariff design, good range of functions even with cheap tariffs. CPU and RAM resources are also guaranteed here. There is also an unlimited number of SSL certificates. The tariffs can be individually adjusted, but they are also a bit confusing.

Prices:from EUR 5.09 per month
SSL:yes (free from the Profi package) Let's Encrypt ready
Homepage construction kit:Yes
Traffic / web space:free / 25 GB - 1,000 GB
Particularities:SSD storage (fast data access), web hosting 6 months free of charge, HTTP / 2 in all tariffs, optional rankingCoach, top rankings according to response time and availability, chroot protection, “very good” ratings in several current tests, no clear indication of the services the website (storage space, features of the individual packages)

Ionos (formerly 1 & 1) - the top dog of the hosters

1 & 1, now called Ionos, is also one of the very well-known providers in Germany due to the intensive TV advertising. The official company name is now IONOS at 1 & 1. Belongs to United Internet and offers many features including, easy operation and a good website builder. The breadth of the product range makes it possible for your own website to grow with you.

Prices:Offer price 12 months for EUR 1 per month, then EUR 10 per month, Essential from EUR 4 per month up to Premium from 20 EUR per month, each 15 EUR setup fee
SSL:yes (SSL wildcard certificate included in all tariffs)
Homepage construction kit:yes (6 months free, then EUR 9 a month)
Traffic / web space:free / 50 GB to 500 GB
Particularities:Special online shop offer (3 months free, then EUR 25 per month), there are graduations for all prices (the first months are cheaper, the full price is only paid afterwards), special WordPress hosting, which is also called Managed WordPress is usable.

Goneo - Simple hosting provider

Goneo is a provider who wants to make hosting pages as easy and inexpensive as possible. In addition to a range of discounted starter packages, SSL and databases are also included in all tariffs.
Prices:Starting offer EUR 1 / EUR 2 / EUR 5 / EUR 8 per month gross for 10 months, then 2.99 EUR / 5.99 EUR / 8.99 EUR per month, no setup fee
SSL:yes (included)
Homepage construction kit:Yes
Traffic / web space:free / from 20 GB to 200 GB
Particularities:Start offer and discounted tariffs, SSD drives (faster access), no external domains possible, no HTTP / 2

HostEurope - Hoster with good support

HostEurope is a hosting provider that offers very high storage space sizes of up to 500 GB at a comparatively low price; virtual servers are also offered.
Prices:Basic from 4.99 EUR per month up to Supreme from 14.99 EUR per month, Virtual Server from 9.99 EUR per month, one-time setup fee (hosting) 19.99 EUR
SSL:permanently included
Homepage construction kit:yes, optional (Basic 6.99 EUR per month, Premium 16.99 EUR per month)
Traffic / web space:free / 50 GB to 500 GB
Particularities:Rating with 4.95 stars out of 5 stars, automatic backups, free 24/7 support, SSD for databases, PHP 7.2 and 7.3, virus protection included in all packages (Kaspersky)

Dogado - hosting specialist for online shops

Dogado specializes in shop hosting and, in addition to shopware hosting, also offers JTL hosting, managed vServer and managed dedicated server solutions as well as Magento hosting. However, hosting for other sites is also offered.
Prices:Web S from EUR 3.99 per month up to Web XL from 19.99 EUR per month
SSL:yes, free Let's Encrypt from Web M
Homepage construction kit:no (WordPress Toolset only)
Traffic / web space:free / 75 GB to 600 GB
Particularities:SSD hard drives (faster data access), PHP 7.3, GZIP compression for particularly fast loading times, integrated web application firewall, continuous backup, 3 domains in the cheapest package, WordPress toolset, 24/7 telephone support

1blu - Currently hosting provider with the best offers

The provider 1blu offers particularly fast and convenient hosting through over 100 available applications via 1-click installation. The packages are well designed and feature good, but some customer reviews were negative. However, 1blu currently offers the best conditions for web hosting.
Prices:Homepage X complete package from EUR 2.90 per month to Homepage Ultimate from 19.90 EUR per month, Server from 3.90 EUR per month, Managed Hosting from 9.90 EUR per month.
SSL:yes (included, Let's Encrypt via mouse click, others optional)
Homepage construction kit:yes (included with professional packages)
Traffic / web space:free / 70 GB to 500 GB
Particularities:SSD storage (fast data access), over 100 applications already integrated as a 1-click installation, very high availability, special business hosting (managed hosting solutions) on request, HTTP / 2 in all tariffs, partly negative reviews

hostpress - hosting specialist for WordPress sites

Hostpress is a provider that specializes in managed WordPress hosting. The server architecture is optimized for WordPress. At first glance, the tariff structure is a bit confusing.
Prices:Starter from 25 EUR per month to Agency (Multisite) EUR 250 per month, WooCommerce optionally subject to a charge, Domains subject to a charge (from EUR 1.50 per month), Managed Server from EUR 149 per month.
SSL:yes (free)
Homepage construction kit:No
Traffic / web space:free / 10 GB to 30 GB (expandable)
Particularities:Customer ratings of 4.95 stars out of 5 stars, 7 days free test, free moving service, continuous uptime monitoring, daily backups, automatic performance optimization, SSD storage (fast data access)

Alldomains - the mini version of web hosting

Alldomains is one of the few providers who still offer free hosting packages with very little storage space but already a good range of functions. Everything on the back burner - including the prices - the provider from Austria scores with ease of use, security certified according to ISO standard 3166-1 and good support.

Prices:Free Host up to Business Host 9.99 EUR per month , Email server from 1.19 EUR per month
SSL:yes (free)
Homepage construction kit:yes (free)
Traffic / web space:unlimited with soft limit
Particularities:Completely redundant system, SSD storage (fast data access), 99.9% availability, 100% GDPR-compliant, server location Germany

Netcup - fast hosting provider

Very good accessibility and fast server response, but the downtimes are a bit higher here than with the providers above. Therefor very cheap prices with very good performance. Here, too, there are unlimited free SSL certificates. Domains are available quite cheaply.

Prices:Web hosting 1000 from 1.94 EUR per month up to web hosting 8000 from 9.49 EUR per month, vServer from 0.004 EUR per hour, root server from 8.19 EUR per month
SSL:free of charge (via Let's Encrypt)
Homepage construction kit:No
Traffic / web space:free / 50 GB to 1,000 GB
Particularities:Awarded several times as web host of the year, SSD storage (faster data access), shops, blogs, forums can be installed as an application, HTTP / 2 in all tariffs

Strato - large German hosting provider

One of the top dogs in Germany, belongs to United Internet, and primarily addresses beginners. Strato scores with maximum security and availability. The free test phase for some products and the easy-to-use website builder should be emphasized.

Prices:1 euro for 6 months, then 4 euros / month (starter) to 20 euros / month (pro)
SSL:yes inclusive
Homepage construction kit:Yes
Traffic / web space:free / 50 GB (starter) to 200 GB (in the large Pro package)
Particularities:Homepage construction kit

Mittwald - young German hosting provider

Mittwald is a German hosting provider from Espelkamp in North Rhine-Westphalia. The agile team that reacts quickly to new trends attaches particular importance to sustainability and 100% climate neutrality. In addition to shop hosting and CMS hosting, agency servers are also offered.
Prices:from 9 EUR net (CMS hosting) or from 29 EUR net (shop hosting)
SSL:yes, different versions
Homepage construction kit:no / only shop templates
Traffic / web space:from 2,000 - unlimited / from 20 GB
Particularities:Best in PHP performance, second best in database performance (connect web hosting provider check 2020), fast loading times thanks to container architecture, top rankings according to availability (99.93%)

Alfahosting - Made in Germany

Alfahosting is a “Made in Germany” provider with a very transparent and clear tariff structure with no hidden costs and a good scope of services even for smaller packages.
Prices:Multi L from EUR 3.99 per month up to Business XL from 19.99 EUR per month, complete e-shops from 5.99 EUR per month, servers from 5.99 EUR per month.
SSL:yes (Let's Encrypt included)
Homepage construction kit:incl. homepage from 4.99 EUR per month, Pro from 13.99 per month, no setup fees
Traffic / web space:from 2,000 - unlimited / from 20 GB
Particularities:does not support HTTP / 2, automatic backups, SSD storage (faster data access), award-winning support (24/7 included), WordPress, Joomla, etc. already included

contabo - address for Virtual Dedicated Server

The provider has mainly specialized in virtual dedicated servers and outlet server services, but also offers conventional web hosting.
Prices:Webspace M from EUR 2.99 per month up to Webspace XXL from EUR 9.99 per month, Virtual Dedicated Server from EUR 9.99 per month
SSL:yes (included)
Homepage construction kit:yes (integrated)
Traffic / web space:free / 50 GB to 500 GB
Particularities:Integrated DDOS protection, including RAID (data mirroring) and backup in all tariffs, 365 days of live support by phone (8 a.m. - 11 p.m.)

hetzner - traditionalist the hosting provider

Hetzner has also mainly specialized in server hosting, but also offers conventional web hosting packages. The server location is Germany.
Prices:LEVEL 1 web hosting from 1.85 EUR per month up to (one-off setup EUR 9.65) up to LEVEL 19 web hosting from EUR 19.40 per month (no setup fees) | In addition, rental servers from EUR 23 per month, dedicated servers from EUR 40.46 per month, cloud from EUR 2.96 per month. , Online storage from EUR 3.45 per month, managed server from EUR 34.51 per month
SSL:yes (included, Symantec Basic SSL term 1 year, https, Let's Encrypt)
Homepage construction kit:
Traffic / web space:free / 10 GB to 300 GB
Particularities:Rental server for auction (from EUR 23 per month) in the server exchange, online storage for private use, storage share (sharing data), integrated DDOS protection for all tariffs, WordPress-enabled, WordPress installer for all packages

Timmehosting - specialist in nginx hosting

Timmehosting is a German provider that specializes in nginx hosting (used by 63% of the top 10,000 websites). Classic web hosting, shop hosting, managed servers and managed vServers as well as our own cloud solution (Timme Cloud 2.0) and object storage are offered.
Prices:booSSD 1.1 from 16.76 EUR net monthly up to booSSD 4.1 from 67.18 EUR net monthly, no setup fees
SSL:yes (Let's Encrypt)
Homepage construction kit:No
Traffic / web space:free / 10 GB to 60 GB
Particularities:Specialist in nginx hosting, SSD hosting (fast data access) Moving and initial installation free of charge, 24/7 support from the SysAdmin, no minimum contract period for web hosting, integrated DDOS protection, special CMS hosting (Contao, Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, WordPress )

RACK :: SPEED - Speed ​​in website hosting

RACK :: SPEED offers both managed hosting and managed server services. Highly available and fail-safe cluster setups are also offered.
Prices:NVMe SSD Litespeed M from 40.50 EUR per month (12 months term) up to NVMe SSD Litespeed XL from 67.50 EUR per month (12 months term)
SSL:yes (Let's Encrypt)
Homepage construction kit:No
Traffic / web space:free / 50 GB to 100 GB
Particularities:SSD Litespeed storage (particularly fast data access), 1,800 s max-execution_time, imunify360 included, real server hardware is used

cloudways - platform for agile teams

Cloudways is a platform for agile teams that also offers managed cloud hosting that supports all PHP applications (unlimited