Which is the best male infertility hospital?

Male Infertility Diagnosis

Semen examination

The first step in assessing your partner's fertility is a semen analysis. This is the basic test for the diagnosis of male infertility, which can be used to assess the number of sperm, their quality and activity according to the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The MSOME technique (Motile Sperm Organelle Morphology Examination) makes it possible to observe the structure of a living sperm at a magnification of 6000 times. This can be used to determine whether the sperm structure is correct and which sperm is the best.

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Testicular biopsy

This is a test that will confirm the presence or absence of sperm in the testicles. The biopsy is usually ordered in patients who have not found any sperm in the semen (azoospermia). During the biopsy, a tissue fragment is removed from the epididymis or testes for a histopathological examination. A biopsy is done by sticking the testicle through the skin with a needle. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia.

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Ultrasound examination of the testicles and scrotum

The aim of scrotum ultrasound is to assess the structure and vascularization of the testes, epididymis, and spermatic cord. The examination reveals pathological changes such as varicocele, cysts, nodules.

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SCD test

Defragmentation of sperm DNA can be a major cause of decreased male fertility.

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HBA® test

The HBA® test determines the ability of sperm to bind to hyaluronic acid and thus the percentage of sperm that are able to fertilize the egg.

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