What is the VSEPR theory with pictures

CN Designation (all) Designation (only L) VRML image Examples 2 linear linear ML2 BeCl2 3 trigonal trigonal ML3 BCl3 angled (120 degrees) ML2E. SnCl2 4 tetrahedral tetrahedral ML4 CH4 psi-tetrahedral ML3E. NH3 angled (109 degrees) ML2E.2 H2O 5 trigonal bipyramidal trigonal bipyramidal ML5 PCl5 psi-trigonal bipyramidal ML4E. SF4 T-shaped ML3E.2 ClF3 linear ML3E.2 XeF2 6 octahedral octahedral ML6 SF6 square-pyramidal ML5E. BrF5 square ML4E.2 XeF4 7 various pentagonal-bipyramidal 1-5-1 ML7 IF7 Reason- capped octahedral 1-3-3 ML7 geometries 1-2-2-2 ML7 8 square anti-prismatic square anti-prismatic ML8 (Polyhedron), (stick + ball) XeF82-