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Virtual trainee welcome event 2020

Due to the corona pandemic, our annual onboarding event for the new trainees had to be canceled. But no onboarding for the trainees, we couldn't allow that. That is why McDonald’s developed the first virtual trainee welcome event where we offered a virtual McDonald’s tour. All participating trainees had the opportunity to get to know the company's history, video messages and exciting information about McDonald’s. The vocational training itself organized a live show on the day of the event, which included various lectures, interviews and live links to trainees and trainers.

The virtual trainee welcome event was such a great success that it received several awards. For one thing, we were able to win 2nd place in the “Trendence Awards” in the “Best Candidate Experience” category. As a highlight, we got 1st place in the “HR Excellence Award” in the “Large Company Employee Engagement” category.

120 nations work together peacefully with us.

Together we are strong. Over 120 nations work together peacefully at McDonald’s Germany. For all of them, regardless of their origin, age or educational background, we rely on personal development, professional qualifications and the imparting of key and social skills. We have committed ourselves to this by signing the Diversity Charter.

20,000 free German courses

We understand each other blindly in our restaurants. Nevertheless, knowledge of German is the first step towards successful integration for us. That is why we encourage our employees to be willing to learn with online language courses and are also committed to the integration of refugees - for example with 20,000 free German courses.

We are 234 employers

Already knew? 91 percent of our 1,480 McDonald's restaurants in Germany are operated by our local franchisees. In other words, from independent entrepreneurs who live our global brand locally. Depending on which restaurant you start out in, you will be employed directly by McDonald's or by one of our franchisees.

Make a career with ketchup? Always works.


Your job includes guest service at the various stations and product preparation.

Crew trainer

You take over the guest service, the product preparation and the training of new employees.

Crew chief

In this position, you will be responsible for the operational processes during a shift.


As a shift leader, you are responsible for all work processes during a shift.

(First) Assistant Manager

You support the restaurant manager and take on responsibility beyond the course of the shift.

Restaurant manager

You manage the entire restaurant business and are responsible for around 40 employees.

Mid management

You deal with administrative and consulting activities to support the operational business.

Whether you start with a secondary school or secondary school diploma, with a technical diploma or as a career changer: With commitment and team spirit you can go a long way. Just click your way through our career ladder and find out more.

A friend recommended McDonald’s to me as an employer. This job gives me the chance to live a really good life in Germany. Because here I can develop personally and professionally and advance in the company. My next goal: to become a shift supervisor.

Adrian R.H.
Restaurant staff

Go on!

Learning is successful and at McDonald’s it is also fun. Because we offer you and all other employees free e-learning courses through which you can develop yourself step by step - on your tablet or laptop, whenever and wherever you want. With our edutainment magazines, you will experience a new form of individual support online. You can choose from more than 70 courses and continue your education with fun and above-average success.

We train our restaurant management in our training centers in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Offenbach and Munich. This is where the internal training from shift leader to assistant manager and manager, internal training for executives as well as employee and managerial development after management training takes place. Uniform teaching content worldwide ensures training at a high level.

After completing their training and having brief professional experience, employees at restaurant management level can train to become specialists in the hospitality industry. In two years, our participants can achieve a degree recognized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. And best of all: Thanks to the clever combination of distance learning, online learning and face-to-face seminars, you can continue to fill your previous position in your restaurants without restriction.

Hamburg University

We train our restaurant management in our regional training centers in Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Offenbach and Munich. In addition, the representative international training center - also known as the "Hamburg University", one of seven corporate universities worldwide has been located in Munich since 1991. The other locations are in London, Sydney, São Paulo, Oak Brook, Shanghai and Tokyo.

This is where the restaurant management’s internal training programs take place. The bandwidth of the courses on 1,800 m² training area ranges from product quality improvement to team management. Globally uniform learning content ensures needs-based training at a high level. The Hamburg University of Munich alone has an auditorium, seven seminar and break-out rooms, two interpreter booths and entertainment for the breaks - from table football to table tennis and iPads.

In addition to the participants from McDonald's Germany, Austria and Switzerland, employees from more than 20 countries are regularly welcomed to training courses and seminars in Munich. For better understanding, the events are simultaneously translated into up to eight different languages.

Earn fair!

The fair and performance-related payment of our employees and trainees is a fundamental concern of McDonald's. In Germany we pay in accordance with the Federal Association of System Gastronomy e. V. (BdS) and the union of food-pleasure-restaurants (NGG) agreed on a collective agreement. In addition, depending on their length of service, our employees receive additional benefits such as vacation pay, an annual bonus or night bonuses as well as capital-building benefits.

Read the collective agreement on the BdS website?

Employers in transition

Our promise of leadership to all employees

For us, a career is not a question of origin, but a question of performance. So that we can always assess them fairly and objectively, we train our managers and, in addition to fixed evaluation criteria, have also developed a comprehensive management promise.

  • I am an exemplary host and expect the same from my staff.
  • I am reliable, credible and treat all employees correctly, fairly and respectfully.
  • I ensure clear goals and rules and support their implementation through the sensible use of employees, time and money.
  • I give and wish for honest, constructive feedback and take my time for it.
  • By recognizing performance and transferring responsibility, I encourage fun and motivation in the team.
  • Through targeted training, I develop my team and myself personally and professionally and thus make my contribution to the continuous improvement of McDonald’s.

We take responsibility

As a company, we stand up for resource-conserving and sustainable action and as an employer for our society. On site through our franchisees and as McDonald’s Germany - for example by making 20,000 free German courses possible for refugees. And in 2017 alone we hired over 1,300 refugees. Since 2010 there has also been the guideline "Integration of Severely Disabled Employees at McDonald's Germany", which encourages our franchisees and managers to offer people with disabilities a perspective. With success: in 2014 we employed 838 people with severe disabilities - an increase of 40% in the past five years.

McDonald’s CR Report (PDF)

234 x responsibility

We and our 234 franchisees currently operate 1,480 restaurants with over 62,000 employees in Germany. 91 percent of these restaurants are run by independent franchisees.

Every good relationship is based on shared values. This also applies to our franchisees and us. Above all, this includes the same understanding of quality, hospitality and cooperation with our employees.

Together we take responsibility for society, people and the environment. This system of reciprocity has been in place for over 40 years. The experiences of the franchisees play an important role and bring many positive impulses to the system.