Why do restaurants cater for vegans these days

Vegan vegetarian food in Cala Millor

Nowadays, as a vegetarian or vegan, it is no longer difficult to eat properly, even on vacation. A vegetarian and vegan diet is no longer a problem in Cala Millor either. We will give you more information on the subject of vegetarian and vegan and also recommend suitable restaurants in Cala Millor.

Where is the best place to eat vegan or vegetarian? Our top 3:

  1. Bistro Mavishada


Vegan and vegetarian on the go in Cala Millor

The vegetarian and vegan diet describes purely plant-based food. Those who follow a vegetarian diet do without meat, while animal products such as eggs, cheese and milk are not removed from their menu. On the other hand, there is the vegan diet, in which all products of animal origin are avoided. The word meaning vegan and the meaning behind it is not an invention of the modern age, even if this trend has only spread in recent years. In 1944 Donald Watson founded the Vegan Society, whose goal in life was to completely avoid animal products.

What is vegan - what is vegetarian?

As a vegan, you eat fruits and vegetables. For spreads, use vegetable margarine and do without butter. If you go vegan, study the packaging carefully and check whether a food contains, for example, egg white as an adhesive or other animal proteins. You live less strictly as a vegetarian. They exclude all meat and sausage products, but do not do without dairy products and eggs. To what extent the vegan diet is healthy raises questions despite long-term research and studies. As a vegetarian, on the other hand, you do not have to reckon with deficiency symptoms, as you take in the animal proteins required by the body through dairy products and accordingly do not generate a complete change in diet despite not eating meat. In order to compensate for nutritional deficits, the wide range of supplementary foods for vegans is ideal.

Meatless does not mean monotonous

For many people in the civilized world, a meatless diet is hardly imaginable. On the other hand, there are more and more vegans and vegetarians, who see this lifestyle as the healthiest diet and, on top of that, the protection of the environment and animals. The variety of vegetarian and vegan food gives you the opportunity to prepare various dishes far away from potatoes and vegetables and to add new pizzazz every day with spices. The most popular vegan dishes include many dishes from the Mediterranean region, such as the minestrone from Italy or the moussaka, an aubergine casserole from Greece. Colorful pan-fried vegetables and fruit salads are particularly popular in summer and are considered light fare. As a vegan, you don't have to go without the morning muesli with milk. But instead of cow's milk, you can choose an alternative soy or almond product. Opinions differ about the reproduction of meat made from tofu, as convinced vegans also do not like the taste of the meat and therefore do not reach for the tofu schnitzel.

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