Harry Potter would be immortal

Is Harry Potter Immortal? [Duplicate]

You forgot the most obvious reason Harry could be immortal: he came back from the dead.

Also, the Elder Wand is only broken in the movie, not in the books. However, remember that the story of the Deathly Hallows is a fable, a legend that contains a bit of truth. Do you really believe that death itself created the sanctuaries? The only thought you can say for sure is that the Peverill brothers found or created the sanctuaries. You should know that even in the fable, each of the three brothers died (two of them quickly). So owning the sanctuaries does not make you immortal.

(I think this means "Master of Death": having the Elder Wand allows you to kill your enemies before they kill you. Having the Resurrection Stone means you can still see your loved ones after death claims them . and with the invisibility cloak you can hide from your enemies to avoid an unnatural death.)

As for prophecy, remember that prophecies like fables are never literal. The "no one can live" part is the most metaphorical, as most people think that it means "living a full life" rather than a more literal interpretation. I don't have my books with me, or I would introduce a stronger case here in my last paragraph.

After watching the Deathly Hallows films over the weekend, it occurred to me that Harry didn't want to be immortal or the "Master of Death". His behavior in giving up on Elder Wand shows that he wants to lead a normal life.


Many Thanks! This was a great answer. I forgot the wand wasn't broken in the books. And I was hoping that theory was a theory because if it wasn't, Harry would never see his parents or Sirius or Remus again. But still very informative, thank you. I would give you +1, but I haven't gained this ability yet.


I believe each of the Peverill brothers owned only one of the three sanctuaries, which is why two died quickly. Would their fate have been different if they had owned all three together?