London is the New York of Europe

Shocking developments in England's capital | Murder metropolis London

London - The once happily pulsating London is degenerating into a murder metropolis! This was the result of a study by the United Nations (UN).

Shocking figures show: In the past two months, more murders have been committed in the British capital than in the same period in New York. And: while the murder rate in New York is falling, the numbers in London are rising dramatically, reports the British "Sunday Times".

London overtakes New York

Accordingly, 18 murders were registered in New York in January, compared to only eight in London. Just a month later the picture had changed dramatically.

►While 11 people were killed in a crime in New York, the figure was already 15. In March 21 people were murdered in New York - in London it was 22!

And it doesn't look like that will change - April 1st saw the first murder victim in London!In the Wandsworth borough, a man was stabbed and fatally injured after leaving a bar. The dead of Wandsworth marks the twelfth victim in just 19 days, reports the British newspaper "Daily Mail".

In the 1980s and 1990s, New York suffered from an extremely high homicide rate - 30 murders per 100,000 people. To date, the number of murders has decreased by 87 percent, according to the New York Police Department (NYPD).

In contrast, the number of murders in London has risen by almost 40 percent over the past three years, reports the"Sunday Times".

Scotland Yard: Social media are complicit

The increase in knife stabbings is worrying, reports the newspaper. As early as 2017, 46 people in London, who were 25 years of age or under, were victims of a knife attack. The British police fear further increases in the numbers.

Sean Yates, a spokesman for Scotland Yard, blames social media hatred for the rise in knife attacks. "One post here, one comment there, and they end up stabbing each other," said Yates.

Yates advocates the introduction of a so-called “two-hit rule”: “Those who are caught twice with a knife must feel the consequences. They should be prosecuted and held accountable before anything worse happens. "

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to meet with police officials and Prime Minister Theresa May as soon as possible to discuss how the increase in knife attacks can be effectively combated.

Knife violence in Germany

Violent crimes involving knives are also increasing in Germany. Oliver Malchow, Federal Chairman of the Police Union (GdP), said: "Our impression is that for several months there has been an increase in cases in which young people use knives or threaten to use them." become known about dangerous or fatal knife attacks. "

Knife crime in Germany

No figures are determined nationwide. But individual surveys speak for themselves.

► In Hesse the number of knife attacks has risen continuously since 2014, from 926 to 1194 most recently.

► In NRW 572 knife attacks have already been registered since September 2017. This was the result of an evaluation of police reports by the SPD parliamentary group.

► In Leipzig the number of dangerous physical injuries in which knives were used rose by 300 percent between 2011 (33 cases) and 2017 (138 cases). The figures are based on information from the police in Saxony.

► In Berlin There were a total of 2,737 knife attacks in 2017 - an average of seven attacks per day. That is around 100 more cases than in 2016 and 300 more than ten years ago. Of the 1,828 suspects, 271 were young people, 80 perpetrators were younger than 14.

The police union wants knife attacks to be recorded nationwide in the future in order to gain a better overview. The German Police Union (DPolG) calls for a tightening of the gun law.

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