Why do office chairs have 5 legs

Office chairs - what is important?

Is there another version of the chair?

The chair models that are in our exhibition and shown in the catalog are only examples of the model. Most chairs have various configuration options.

This applies to the mechanics, seat covers, castors, armrests, etc. We have mapped the most frequently requested ones with our chair configurator for each model.

We would of course be happy to advise you. Please talk to us about it!

Why does my chair need armrests?

On the one hand, the armrests are an often underestimated "stand-up aid". But also, especially if you sit on the chair for a longer period of time, the armrests are a real relief for the body.

Since an arm carries a certain weight, it pulls on the muscles of the shoulders all day long if there is no armrest. This in turn means that we tense our shoulder muscles to counteract this. However, this tension is not always healthy for the body, especially when it is one-sided. It can also cause us to tense the neck and thus provoke tension, headaches or back pain.

But if the chair has armrests, these relieve the muscles. The armrests should be adjusted so that your arms rest on the armrest supports at a 90 ° angle or greater. This results in a relaxed sitting position and the muscles are relieved.

Many chair models are already available with existing armrests, with the others you can buy optional armrests.

Can I return a storage chair if I absolutely don't like it?

You have e.g. E.g. bought an office chair as a gift and the recipient is absolutely dissatisfied with the model?

If it is a storage chair and it shows no signs of use, you are welcome to return the chair and look for an alternative model from us.

Unfortunately, we can usually no longer take back chairs that have been configured according to your wishes and specially ordered for you, but we will also be happy to check this possible case individually.

Why do office chairs have 5 legs?

Office chairs, or the swivel chair, are equipped with a 5-star base in order to guarantee a high level of stability with the chair's mobility required. The 5-star base optimally prevents it from tipping over, especially when leaning back far in the chair or when turning and tilting in the chair at the same time.

Attach the intended receptacle. PLEASE NOTE that the pen must be of the appropriate thickness and length.

We have replacement rolls available in our shops. To make sure that these will fit your chair, we recommend that you bring a roll of your existing chair to the store.

What do I do if I am not quite sure whether I will be comfortable in the chair for a longer period of time?

If you fluctuate between several chair models or are not entirely sure whether the office chair you have chosen will not lose its seating comfort throughout the day, that is not a problem.

You can borrow your favorite chair from us free of charge for up to 14 days so that you can sit longer or test the chair in a familiar environment.

Is it possible to get a chair sample from me on site?

Do you have several employees / colleagues who need a new office chair, but do not have the time to find a suitable chair with each of them in the exhibition?

We would be happy to come to you with a selection of suitable office chairs and explain to you and your employees / colleagues the advantages of the chairs and the respective configuration and design options. You can then borrow the presented chair models for up to 14 days free of charge and take your time to try them out. This gives employees / colleagues the opportunity to test the chairs and decide whether there is a model that is right for them.

Do I have to assemble the office chair before using it?

Many of our office chairs are already assembled and ready to be picked up. Some chair models have to be set up in a few simple steps (tools are available). As a rule, the structure consists of fastening the individual parts with the enclosed screws. If you are not able to assemble the chair yourself, we will be happy to take over this part for you and adjust it to your request.

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