How does Childish Gambino stay artistic?

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Childish Gambino won the Grammy Awards for Best Song of the Year. His song "This Is America" ​​prevailed against tracks by Drake and Kendrick Lamar and SZA, among others. Still, Childish Gambino was not present.

Childish Gambino was the first rapper to receive the award for best song at the Grammy Gala in Los Angeles on Sunday. A sensation! Especially because the music video for "This Is America", which also won the award for best video, is full of metaphors about racism and gun violence. But the musician and actor, whose real name goes by the name Donald Glover, didn't come to the show. Markus Finger from the hip-hop label Rootdown suspects that staying away could be a statement.

"That is in the realm of speculation. But I could imagine that this is a statement."

Childish Gambino is complex and socially critical in his artistic expression, so his absence fits this image, says Finger. Perhaps he wanted to point out grievances again, which he also addresses in his music.

Hip-hop has hit the Grammys

Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar didn't make it to the Grammys either, although some of them were nominated. Markus Finger says regarding Childish Gambino that he may not have felt welcome. Hip-hop acts would have been nominated, but the Grammys wouldn't have been particularly open to hip-hop culture. According to Finger, the content of this music would have been considered irrelevant at the Grammys for years.

"It's a time-honored award that wasn't very open to this genre of rap music."
Marius Finger, music label Rootdown

Markus Finger says that the organizers of the award ceremony probably nominated rappers like Drake or Kendrick Lamar partly for economic reasons, but it was probably no longer possible to turn a blind eye to the fact that hip-hop is a globally important musical culture.

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