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The adjective stoic today means generally "indifferent", "imperturbable". It describes people who cannot be disturbed by anything, are always in control and are largely free of emotional fluctuations.

The term came into German through Latin stoicus, i.e. "concerning the Stoa". The Stoa, in turn, was one of the four great schools of philosophy in ancient Greece. Its founder, Zenon von Kition, first met with his students in the stoa poikile, the painted hypostyle hall opposite the Acropolis in Athens.

In addition to other aspects, the stoic teaching also with ethical questions and normatively specifies the striving for ataraxia, apatheia and self-sufficiency, i.e. for emotional equanimity, imperturbability towards negative events and self-sufficiency. The current meaning in German usage emerges from the ethical model of the Stoa.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ˈƩtoːɪʃ]

Usage examples

His stoic Quiet was remarkable. Nothing seemed to throw him off balance.

With more stoic She accepted the accusations on her face.

Grammar and inflection


stoicmore stoicmost stoic

Strong declination

Masculinemore stoicstoicstoicstoic
Femininestoicmore stoicmore stoicstoic
Pluralstoicmore stoicstoicstoic

Weak declination

Masculinethe stoic oneof the stoicthe stoicthe stoic
Femininethe stoicthe stoicthe stoicthe stoic
neuterthe stoicof the stoicthe stoicthe stoic
Pluralthe stoicthe stoicthe stoicthe stoic

Mixed declension

Masculinenot a stoic onenot a stoic onenot a stoic onenot a stoic one
Femininenot a stoic onenone stoicnone stoicnot a stoic one
neuternot a stoic onenot a stoic onenot a stoic onenot a stoic one
Pluralnot stoicnone stoicnot a stoic onenot stoic

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