Top tips for cleaning windows

Clean windows - without any streaks

It is time-consuming, physically demanding and the result is seldom satisfactory: we are, of course, talking about cleaning windows. The good news: There are many home remedies for this that get by without chemicals and are easy on the wallet. And with the right technology, annoying streaks, streaks and limescale stains (almost) disappear by themselves.

Cleaning schedule: how often you should clean something

Streak-free clean: These home remedies will help

  • Vinegar: The tried and tested home remedy for descaling household appliances also helps when cleaning windows. A small shot in the cleaning water is basically sufficient. With particularly hard or calcareous water, it can be a little more.
  • Lemon juice: Just like vinegar, the acid in the lemon dissolves limescale particles from the water and prevents unsightly limescale stains on the slices.
  • Alcohol: Known as a versatile household item, high-percentage alcohol primarily dissolves fat, has a disinfectant effect and is biodegradable. Always wear gloves when cleaning with alcohol!
  • Spirit: This form of alcohol is contained in every glass cleaner and dissipates quickly, which enables a streak-free result. In addition, adding alcohol to the cleaning water causes rainwater to roll off the window.
  • Black tea: The tannins in tea have a fat-dissolving effect. Applied lukewarm, it can remove greasy fingerprints or heavy soiling such as bird droppings.
  • Detergent: Best home remedy for lathering the disc. But be careful: a few drops in lukewarm water are enough. If there is too much washing-up liquid, stripes are inevitable.