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Disabled - what does it mean?

According to Section 2, Paragraph 1 of the Ninth Social Code (IX), people are "disabled" if their physical function, mental ability or mental health is more than likely to deviate from the typical state for their age for more than six months and therefore their participation in life in the Society is affected. If the impairment of participation is to be expected, the person is threatened with a disability.

This definition, based on proposals by the World Health Organization (), is not based on real or supposed deficits; The focus is on the goal of participation in the various areas of life.

According to the definition, it is not only physical ailments that are considered disabilities. Mental illnesses - for example mental illnesses such as severe depression, psychoses or neuroses - can under certain circumstances be viewed as a disability according to this definition.

VdK-TV: illness or disability? (UT)

Definition according to social law and the resulting claims for those affected

A deviation from the "typical state" is to be understood as the loss or impairment of - in the respective age - normally existing physical, mental or emotional structures. A disability occurs when a person is restricted in their participation in life in one or more areas due to such an illness or damage.

The ninth book of the Social Security Code (IX) contains the legal regulations for the rehabilitation and participation of people with disabilities, the severely disabled and people who are at risk of becoming disabled.

This includes regulations on compensation for disadvantages that people with disabilities can make use of, on medical rehabilitation services, on participation in working life and much more.

You can read the current legal text of the IX here and download it as:
Social Code 9 - Table of Contents

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