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Ranking: passport as admission ticket

This puts Germany in first place together with Singapore. This is the first time that the Southeast Asian city-state has achieved this top spot.

Without a visa, 125 countries can be visited this year with the German passport and a further 34 countries with a simple arrival visa.

Sweden ranks second with 158 countries.

Third place with 157 countries is shared by Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, USA and South Korea,

4th place / 156 countries:

Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Malaysia, Japan

5th place / 155 countries: Ireland, Canada

6th place / 154 countries: Greece, New Zealand, Australia

7th place / 153 countries: Iceland

8th place / 152 countries: Malta, Czech Republic

9th place / 151 countries: Hungary

Place 10/150 countries: Poland

11th place / 149 countries: Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia

12th place / 148 countries: Estonia, Liechtenstein

13th place / 147 countries: Cyprus

14th place / 144 countries: Brazil, Monaco

15th place / 143 countries: Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria

16th place / 142 countries: Argentina

17th place / 141 countries: Hong Kong, Chile

18th place / 140 countries: San Marino

19th place / 139 countries: Andorra

20th place / 138 countries: Israel

Place 50/79 countries: Qatar

70th place / 56 countries: China

Last place in 93/24 countries: Afghanistan

(Source: https://www.passportindex.org)