How much can a language coach ask for

What does coaching actually cost?

The fees for coaching depend heavily on who is being coached and on what occasion. According to the current study (WeiterbildungsSzene Deutschland 2016), published in February 2016, an average hourly rate of 168 euros is charged. Institutional bodies typically have higher rates than freelance coaches. Most of the coaches acting on their own account move in the corridor between 100 and 200 euros hourly rate. However, one in four also requires higher hourly rates.

The coaching survey Germany (2014/2015) from the Office for Organizational Development and Consulting (BCO) came to similar results. According to this, one hour of coaching costs an average of 130 euros for private individuals. Focus Money points out that it has doubts about the credibility of an offer under 60 euros. A serious offer starts at 100 euros and “low-cost providers” are seldom worth their money, according to Focus Money. A study by the University of Marburg found an average hourly wage for a coach of 180 euros. According to the results of the 3rd Marburg coaching study from 2013, the quality should be assured at this price.

For a coaching hour that is paid for by a company, the costs are slightly higher. According to the BCO, the costs are usually between 50 and 300 euros and the average price for an hour with the coach is 185 euros. However, there are no upper limits, coaches with many years of professional experience and additional qualifications such as foreign language skills also charge 500 euros or more.

Different target groups, different prices

The prices of coaching for self-payers are therefore staggered socially. A distinction is often made between low-wage earners, normal earners and corporate customers. We recommend that you assign yourself to one of the three broad categories when classifying prices:

  1. Individuals, students, young professionals, re-entrants, trainees and start-ups
    In this segment, the average price for an hour of coaching is between 75 and 125 euros.
  2. Self-employed and employees
    An average hourly fee of between 100 and 200 euros is required from this target group
  3. Executives, teams, top management and board members
    For executives and teams from middle management, the average costs are 180 euros. According to studies, an average of between 200 and 300 euros is paid for one hour of coaching in the division of top management and board members. There are few upper limits depending on the qualification of the coach.

How many hours do you need?

There is no rule that says how many hours it will take to overcome a crisis or solve a problem. The number of hours you take depends on many personal variables. There are cases where four to five hours of counseling are enough to solve a conflict or to get rid of a motivation problem. For more complex problems, it can take anywhere from ten to twenty sessions. According to a study by the Office for Coaching and Organizational Development (BCO) from 2014, an average of eleven hours of coaching are required. It makes sense to keep to a weekly rhythm in order to let your thoughts calm down in the meantime and let the whole thing "sink in".

In general, it should be borne in mind that even at first glance, the prices for coaching, which seem high, will pay off in the long term in the vast majority of cases. Working on problems and questions with a professional coach at an early stage is a successful move to save money in the long term. When deciding to pay a coach or not, you should ask yourself the question the other way around: "What would my problem cost me in 10 years if I wouldn't do the coaching now?" Include job, physical health, and mental wellbeing.

In order to get an overview of the various prices of coaches, it is advisable to browse and find out more on platforms such as XING Coaches.

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